Monday, May 5, 2014


I got tired of being tired and always whining and decided not to post until I had something to say which didn't
include bike riding or complaining.

So, let's see.

My son Zac has been accepted to grad school at Portland State University.  In September he will start working toward his MA in Education, Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Post-secondary, Adult and Continuing Education.  He will also be certificated in Service Learning and something else I can't remember right now...So proud of him, though very unhappy he will be so far away after all these years of being able to hang out with him in lovely Monterey...  He promises he will come back to California but I know these things evolve on their own.

Our Maggie, being a case in point far away in Philadelphia.  She is being pursued for a new, very exciting opportunity which I will not reveal until it is a done deal.  I will mention that my dear friend and high school BFF was visiting Philly last week, had lunch with Maggie and had lovely things to say about her.  Proud mommy, me.

Allison is a week or so away from starting her senior year - though it looks like it may be more like 3 semesters to finish her degree.  She has already started a challenging internship which she will toil through this summer - but it is actually paid!

I have signed on to Mrs. G's Baby Steps Challenge and my goal is to handle the annoying people I must deal with at work - actually, I need to deal with the way I deal with them better.  My new mantra is something about there always being waves but we can learn to surf.  I searched Pinterest for a nice graphic to go with the pithy saying but came up with stupid looking things written on driftwood with little anchors and crap like that...  So I am visualizing the ocean and taking deep breaths and thinking about surfing waves when people are pissing me off.  That and getting my desk changed to another space away from all the craziness are really helping!  I also got a new computer which actually works efficiently and has a gigantic monitor.  Cool.

Tom and I were cheered to learn while watching 60 Minutes last night that we are doing the right thing for our longevity by exercising, socializing and going to Happy Hour at least 2 times a week.  In fact the suggestion that we have 2 drinks a day may add another couple of cocktails to the week.  Whoohoo!