Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Thanks for all the well wishes on our move.  I have been so exhausted and stressed  - but this is really one of those First World Problems and I know it!

We spent way too much time cleaning and grooming the place we were leaving, but the owners of that property were thrilled, so there is satisfaction in that.  They are planning to do all kinds of things to fix it up now that we have moved out.  Isn't that nice...

One of the features of our new home is a sparkling pool in the yard - really, it is a lovely backyard and while
we have never taken care of a pool before and are surprised by all the work involved, it makes us feel a bit like we once again have a water view property!  Plus it holds a great attraction for our daughter Ally who loves to swim and  is descending upon us with her 3 roommates to enjoy this weekend in the 'burbs.  We are having what is likely our last heat wave this weekend and they want to take advantage.

I am sitting in the dining room which is full of boxes and our art which we have not hung up.  Tom has set up my computer here until he has time to move all my stuff to his old laptop since I don't have a dedicated desk space anymore.  The main rooms are in pretty good order and I will make my way through the additional boxes when time allows.  This weekend I hope we can get out on the bikes, enjoy the college kids and get a little relaxation in.  Don't think it has all been drudgery - we went out and found a couple of great Happy Hour spots last Friday evening!

I really did spend months getting ready for this move.  I went through closets and cabinets and got rid of so much stuff. They were sick of seeing me at the Discovery Shop and every time there was one of those pick up postcards, I left a pile on the curb!   In the end it is still a whole lot of work and I still wonder how it is we have so much stuff!  We kept referring to the brilliant, classic George Carlin bit about Stuff - if you have never seen it, take the time to click the link!