Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Hard to say if this will stick, but I have been itching to start writing again.
 Maybe it took a year or so to build up stuff to say!

Just the little stuff of our days.  Like trying to find a Mother's Day card that is either funny or fits my relationship with my mom.

 My parents have not had kids in their home for over 35 years - so all those "take the day off" cards don't work.  I am not the sloppy sentimental type, nor am I one for the hyperbole "best mom on the planet" characterizations.  We are way past the "you taught me everything I know" phase.  Something a little poignant or funny is more the tone for my maternal relationship.

I am big on sending store bought cards.  They cost a lot of money these days, but I get a lot of pleasure in looking for just the right card.  I have a box of cards at the ready for pretty much any occasion because I buy cards that I like and figure I will eventually have the right person to send them to.  I send cards to my kids for even the most minor holidays or just because.  Who doesn't love getting mail that isn't a political flyer or a bill? I mention this because I troll the card aisles all the time.

What I have found this pre-Mother's Day season is a mystery to me.  There are more cards for wives, for grandma, for aunts, from the cat, from the dog, for someone like a mom and for stepmoms than there are for just plain old mom.

I thought it was just the selection at CVS until I dropped by a few other card aisles and found the same mix everywhere.  The few cards for just plain old mom  range from  drippy to  glitter bombed. They are double wrapped in plastic to protect little scrapbooking elements which are glued on and leave me wondering how they must look after a week in the postal system. The same old humorous cards involving mixers and potty training are still there. And don't even get me started on the musical ones.  There are always the booze oriented cards but I have sent those a few years in a row now...too predicable.

Anyway - I finally found a card.  It probably won't win the family contest for the best card (an unofficial competition at which I tend to excel.)  It is those little things.