Sunday, February 16, 2014


Crystal Springs water level is very low - but still lovely.
Last weekend we finally got some rain and the weekend before that we just didn't go for a ride for some reason so we made a special effort this weekend to get out on our bikes.  We  wanted to use the new bike rack so we hit the road for a new biking spot -  the Crystal Springs Reservoir near San Francisco.

The day was another warmish, sunny one, the air fresh because we had a small rain storm move through last night. The reservoir is low due to our drought, but the crowds were out hiking and biking.

The Pulgas Water Temple
We finally found a safe place to park and get on the
road.  We lucked out because we ended up in an area that had closed the road to cars for several miles.

We had great views of the reservoir, beautiful scenery and after a few more miles, to some spectacular homes and horse properties.

We rode about 15 miles along that area then put the bikes back on the car and drove over to the San Mateo coastline and got on the bikes again and rode down toward the SF airport.  We stopped for a snack and watched the planes coming and going for a while, then rode back to the car and went home.  I did a few chores and then realized how tired I was and collapsed on the couch for a while!

Monday, February 10, 2014


This was quite a weekend for being nostalgic and thinking about just how long life has been.

There was the big 50 years tribute for the Beatles.  A wonderful show which brought me back time and again to times their music punctuated my life.  At my first boy/girl party  we played Meet the Beatles over and over.  When I Saw Her Standing There was my favorite.  I was in 5th grade.

I remember the Ed Sullivan show as clearly as  the assassination of JFK just months earlier.  It was a pretty memorable period of time for a kid.

The Beatles were the soundtrack to my youth and marked the changes our world went through in the 60's .  I was on the young side and a protected suburban kid, but even I could recognize their influence and reflection of the world as it was changing.  Hearing those songs brings back memories from so many periods of my life; and helps me remember that they opened my mind to new and different things.

I also got to spend time this weekend with Christina,  my friend who has been in my life the longest - since Biology class in 1970 when she sat behind me,  She liked to put her feet on the back of my chair and poke me in the butt. ( That really is how we became friends.)

I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around knowing someone for so many years.  We have lived in different states for most of the time and years have gone by between visits but still we manage to be connected.

I would say that it all makes me feel old,  but it doesn't.  It makes me feel full of life.  Seeing Paul and Ringo dancing and singing on stage at 71 and 74 reminds me there are still so many years ahead to celebrate and enjoy.  And spending the day with my long time friend makes me want many more visits in the years to come.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have maintained my 2012 resolution to steer clear of gossip sites and TV and have become rather blissfully
Mia and Woody with Dylan and Ronin.
and mostly unaware of  many things.  I have occasionally made an effort to find out the details of some items that the media hyped up ( twerking); and  felt glad to be a bit in the know and also found that it was hard to turn it off once I opened myself to the subject.  So I have made more of an effort to remain unenlightened.

So when all the crap started up again about Woody Allen allegedly molesting his adopted daughter immediately upon an honor bestowed upon him at the Golden Globes - I did read this extremely informed and well researched and smart article published on the Daily Beast blog.  I recalled much of this information from the investigations which were done 20 years ago.

If you have any doubts that that young woman has been brainwashed and that Mia Farrow is still a self centered whack job - read it...