Saturday, December 20, 2014


We are not having the home tour this year, but I took a few photos of my decorations since a few people asked about how I was going to decorate the new place.

I have to admit a lack of enthusiasm for decorating this year.  Mostly due to just moving in - finally getting art on the walls, boxes emptied, shelves organized, etc.  Plus - a whole lot more rooms and space to decorate!  I will need to start thinking well in advance next for year and really make this place special for the holidays.

We have a pretty red door.

We have two fireplace mantles to decorate.

This one is in the living room and we hung the stocking there - minus Zac's since is is staying in Portland for the holidays.

This one is in the family room.  My newest member of my collection is the penguin wearing a little scarf...

We are still using our skinny tree from the smaller house - might upgrade next year!

The most important thing is that the girls are coming in the next couple of days - we will have some great  time together.  Especially excited because we are going to Yosemite for a couple of days to see the sights and play in the snow.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, November 17, 2014


I keep thinking I should formally close down this blog since I have been neglecting it.  I also worry that when I do post it is all me, me, me and not the variety of topics I used to write about.  I keep thinking life will settle a bit and allow me time to do more, write more - so I keep it up just in case.

In the meantime, we have settled in fairly well to our new place.  Most of the boxes are finally unpacked and some pictures have been hung on the walls.  Mostly we have been out enjoying the glorious fall weather.
Contra Costa Canal Trail.
 There are miles and miles of new trails to explore on our bikes and many, many bars to enjoy happy hour cocktails.  My favorite is a neighborhood place with a barrel of peanuts in the shell to munch!

We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary - we didn't make it to Paris as we had hoped... but had a fine meal in a fancy place. A week later Tom had surgery for a "massive" kidney stone.  They sent a laser up his stuff and blasted the thing - it was quite an event and slowed him down for a week, which he did not expect being such a tough guy and all.

I have acquired a wonderful new bike.  Much research and test riding of all kinds of brands and styles led me to my Electra.  Fabulously light and lovely to look at.  We had a great day riding around in San Francisco and I am excited to get out and about on it again this week which has caused it to start raining...if I had known I could avert the drought by buying a new bike I would have done it last Spring!!

I have added a low basket and canvas bag to the rack and am looking for the perfect bell for the handlebars....

And now the holidays are taking over.  If I don't manage to post again in the next week or so - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Thanks for all the well wishes on our move.  I have been so exhausted and stressed  - but this is really one of those First World Problems and I know it!

We spent way too much time cleaning and grooming the place we were leaving, but the owners of that property were thrilled, so there is satisfaction in that.  They are planning to do all kinds of things to fix it up now that we have moved out.  Isn't that nice...

One of the features of our new home is a sparkling pool in the yard - really, it is a lovely backyard and while
we have never taken care of a pool before and are surprised by all the work involved, it makes us feel a bit like we once again have a water view property!  Plus it holds a great attraction for our daughter Ally who loves to swim and  is descending upon us with her 3 roommates to enjoy this weekend in the 'burbs.  We are having what is likely our last heat wave this weekend and they want to take advantage.

I am sitting in the dining room which is full of boxes and our art which we have not hung up.  Tom has set up my computer here until he has time to move all my stuff to his old laptop since I don't have a dedicated desk space anymore.  The main rooms are in pretty good order and I will make my way through the additional boxes when time allows.  This weekend I hope we can get out on the bikes, enjoy the college kids and get a little relaxation in.  Don't think it has all been drudgery - we went out and found a couple of great Happy Hour spots last Friday evening!

I really did spend months getting ready for this move.  I went through closets and cabinets and got rid of so much stuff. They were sick of seeing me at the Discovery Shop and every time there was one of those pick up postcards, I left a pile on the curb!   In the end it is still a whole lot of work and I still wonder how it is we have so much stuff!  We kept referring to the brilliant, classic George Carlin bit about Stuff - if you have never seen it, take the time to click the link!

Monday, September 8, 2014


We finally decided that we are going to take a lease on my sister's house when she moves in September.

We have lived in Pleasanton, for the past 14 years, so moving to a larger city will be interesting.  I grew up in Walnut Creek when it was a sleepy little burb - it isn't like that anymore.  We are accustomed to our quiet little city, living walking distance from downtown.  We don't deal with much traffic or crowds and that will change dramatically when we move.  Plus we will miss our local places and people.

We have been spending a lot of time clearing out clutter: selling, tossing and donating stuff.  We took a truck full to the dump - including poor old Frosty who has seen better days!   Getting organized for the trauma of moving has taken the larger part of the summer.

Isn't moving on that list of the most stressful things a human can do?  If not, it should be.... It is certainly stressful on my back, hard on my sleep and a challenge to our marriage!

The movers arrive 9/20 - more later from our new abode.

Monday, July 28, 2014


We have not been out on the bikes much this month.  I managed to hurt my back and spent a week or so babying the spasms, hunched over crab-like during the work days and alternately on heat and ice in the off hours. It's better now, but heat, visitors and life have also filled the weekends this month.

We finally ventured out on a new path this Saturday morning.  We left very early so we could be safely tucked into our air conditioning before the predicted 95 degrees descended.

We parked in Niles and hopped onto the
Alameda Creek Trail heading for the Hayward coast.  The trail is mostly flat and well paved.  We were heading for the coast, so there was a headwind, but at least it was cool.  Others on the path were sparse, friendly and well behaved, which made it a real pleasure.
A hazy view over the preserve toward San Mateo.

The paved trail ends at the Eden Landing Ecological Preserve, a large marsh land which occupies space between the San Mateo and Dumbarton Bridges.  We looked over the bay toward the path we have frequently biked between San Mateo and the SF airport!  It was a bit hazy, but it was fun to be on the other side of the bay, looking over to the side where we have spent so much time.

We finished the 25 mile round trip more slowly than we have in the past - we are out of conditioning!  Hope to be back our on the bikes next week and get those legs back in shape...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Things I have never done and don't think I will - thought I have always told my kids "never say never..."

1.  I have never seen a Planet of the Apes movie and I will not see the new one coming out - really Hollywood?

2.   I have never taken a selfie.  Maybe the occasion will come up, but I will never buy a "selfie stick" in order to make myself look thinner when taking a selfie.

3.   I have never eaten a funnel cake or deep fried watermelon or Twinkie.

We went to the fair and there was so much food, food, food - some interesting and enticing stuff, though the 90 degree heat made for the longest lines for frozen lemonade and ice cream...  I did indulge in a frozen banana. Yum.

4.   I have never participated in a triathlon -   Except as a Course Marshall trying to keep the cars from hitting the bike riders.  On the way back they had to cross 5 lanes of traffic.  It was just Tom, me and 1 traffic officer.

Nerve wracking!!  But fun.

5.  I never thought Joan Rivers was funny - the fact that she has made herself rich and famous for being  mean and hateful, especially directed at women, really bothers me.  That she can't take criticism does not surprise me.

What do you never?

Monday, June 23, 2014


As  I mentioned many weeks ago when I last managed to post, I was summoned to jury duty in Federal Court for a trial scheduled to last for 3 months.  Last Friday was my first required appearance at the courthouse in San Francisco.

I got up at 5:30 in order to get to BART (our mass transit system) in order to arrive by 8 am.  Other than fumbling around like an old lady when I tried to figure out how to pay for parking, that part of the day went smoothly.  I managed to find my way to the courthouse, make it through security and up to the jury assembly room with 10 minutes to spare.

There were about 80 of us gathered, we watched a video extolling the life affirming experience of serving on a jury and the crowd seemed to be pretty pumped up, even more so when the staff took over to explain about being paid $40. a day plus mileage for serving on the jury.  As more details were discussed, we found out that a remarkable number of us had not read the materials we were sent and had no idea that it was a lengthy trial. The mood shifted to panic.  Then we were offered a possible way out!  We simply had to fill out a 50 page questionnaire for the judge and attorneys to review.

After being able to explain the hardship of being unpaid for 3 months and the fact that I would also be required to reimburse my employer the $1800 per month  health insurance premium my paycheck wasn't covering, I felt confident that I didn't need to be too strategic on the rest of my answers.  I was honest: "Would I consider the testimony of law enforcement officers more reliable than other testimony?"  Absolutely not!!  "What is my experience with local police officers?"  I believe they target people of color and especially young men. There were questions on guns, gangs and tattoos - which gave some insight to the subject of the case.  Also various questions about our family, hobbies and education.

When I told Tom about my answers, he was certain I would not be required to return on Monday for the next round in the process.  Not so.  I called in at 5 Sunday night to find I had to report at 8 on Monday morning.  Everyone at work was freaking out,  apparently things had not gone well with me out of the office on Friday...

So up early, back on BART and to the assembly room, then shuffled to another room where we sat for the better part of an hour, then herded down 2 flights of stairs to courtroom only to find it was the wrong room, back up two flights of stairs to the assembly room for another 30 minutes.  The clerk came in and dismissed about 10 of us for unstated reasons.  Another wait, then herded back downstairs to the correct courtroom where they spent 30 minutes lining us up in order and getting us seated.

The judge came in, made some remarks and began the process by speaking with about a dozen of the jury candidates about their financial hardship requests for dismissal - my request was not addressed.  The judge and about 20 of the 30 attorneys in the room had a side bar to discuss who would be released.  They let about 7 more go.  then the judge spoke with people who had other hardship requests - one guy was an insomniac after 30 years on the graveyard shift and he sleeps all day, one woman's husband was being deployed and she was moving in with her family, a couple of unemployed people - that sort of thing.  They side bared again and let 5 more go. I was getting nervous and a little ticked off.

By now it is noon.  My stomach is growling so loudly my neighbors are commenting, we are not allowed to eat or drink (though the attorneys have cups of coffee and jugs of water.)  Finally the judge asked if there was any reason anyone else had for not being able to sit on the jury - my hand went up - along with about 10 others.  They went around the room, heard our explanations and had another side bar.

As I looked around the room I realized that there was 1 African American left, 2 white women in addition to me, 4 white men and the remaining pool was Asian.  If they were making some decisions for the sake of diversity, this may not come out in my favor.

There were clearly going to be multiple defendants and were likely to be a multitude of "counts" against them. Sitting in the courtroom, seeing all the attorneys, all the files and paperwork stacked up everywhere took me back to my law school days - but didn't make me want to toss my life aside  for 3 months and join them.

I was allowed to leave after that round leaving behind about 40 people from which 17 would be selected.  I suspect that it would be a genuinely unique life experience to serve on a jury, and, as I wrote on my questionnaire - send for me next year after I stop working, and I am all in.

Monday, June 2, 2014


The top pf Coyote Point, overlooking SFO - we rode the
shore line trail and up the hill last weekend.
Working, working, working - many hours of overtime each week,  along with the raise  I got (yea!) makes my paychecks  much more satisfying.  Two of the 3 projects I took on are winding down so I may get some breathing room and the opportunity to take a bit of time off.  Or at least stop going in at 7 am!!

Then again - I have been called for jury duty in US District Court for a trial lasting from June 23- August 31!!  I won't know until June 20th or 23rd if I am selected...

Weekends have been nice - lots of bike rides, some outlet shopping, going out for meals and cocktails. Some organizing, donating and packing of stuff for our move in September. Visits with the kids and family.  Reading a lot in the evenings.

Got my mosaic area out from under the tarps and found 3 projects I had forgotten were waiting for grout!
I have ideas for posts I'd like to write - hope to have the time and energy to get back to all the things I enjoy and have been neglecting.

How are you gearing up for summer fun?

Monday, May 5, 2014


I got tired of being tired and always whining and decided not to post until I had something to say which didn't
include bike riding or complaining.

So, let's see.

My son Zac has been accepted to grad school at Portland State University.  In September he will start working toward his MA in Education, Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Post-secondary, Adult and Continuing Education.  He will also be certificated in Service Learning and something else I can't remember right now...So proud of him, though very unhappy he will be so far away after all these years of being able to hang out with him in lovely Monterey...  He promises he will come back to California but I know these things evolve on their own.

Our Maggie, being a case in point far away in Philadelphia.  She is being pursued for a new, very exciting opportunity which I will not reveal until it is a done deal.  I will mention that my dear friend and high school BFF was visiting Philly last week, had lunch with Maggie and had lovely things to say about her.  Proud mommy, me.

Allison is a week or so away from starting her senior year - though it looks like it may be more like 3 semesters to finish her degree.  She has already started a challenging internship which she will toil through this summer - but it is actually paid!

I have signed on to Mrs. G's Baby Steps Challenge and my goal is to handle the annoying people I must deal with at work - actually, I need to deal with the way I deal with them better.  My new mantra is something about there always being waves but we can learn to surf.  I searched Pinterest for a nice graphic to go with the pithy saying but came up with stupid looking things written on driftwood with little anchors and crap like that...  So I am visualizing the ocean and taking deep breaths and thinking about surfing waves when people are pissing me off.  That and getting my desk changed to another space away from all the craziness are really helping!  I also got a new computer which actually works efficiently and has a gigantic monitor.  Cool.

Tom and I were cheered to learn while watching 60 Minutes last night that we are doing the right thing for our longevity by exercising, socializing and going to Happy Hour at least 2 times a week.  In fact the suggestion that we have 2 drinks a day may add another couple of cocktails to the week.  Whoohoo!

Monday, March 31, 2014


I wonder sometimes if I am just a foolish person.  Not in all aspects of my life - but specifically in my work

When our finances made it necessary after 16 years out of the workplace (and while I still had my kids in school,) that I find an income and health insurance, I had one restriction - no commute.  After 8 months of job seeking with poor response and no results, I drifted down the ladder in terms of the types of jobs I applied to.  I found that trying to get directly back to the management level or field I left was not going to happen.  If I applied for management jobs the response was negative due to being out of the market for so long and when I applied for entry level I was questioned about why I would do that work with my background.  Plus I was turning 50.

After nearly a year of job searching, I took the job I was offered,  and was pretty much running the small business after a couple of years.  The only reason I left after 5 years was because of a new hire who chased out a couple of us long time employees in order to rule the roost.  It was an awful experience to go through.  I still get upset when I think about it.

I cycled through  a couple of low pay, dead end jobs.  Now I'm in another small business finding that after a year I am, again, running much more of the business than I was hired for.  I am working a lot of hours, having sleepless nights and anxiety over my workload.

The owners of the business contribute a great deal to my anxiety because they over  promise and then dump a lot of their work onto the small staff on top of our already substantial workload. It's been escalating for months.  In fact we are all looking forward to them taking a week of vacation because it may give us the chance to catch up.  The fact that they get to go to a warm, sunny place for a week, away from the devastation they are causing and we get to clean up the mess is not lost on any of us.  But there it is.

So, today, on April Fool's Day, I  wonder if I am just a fool to care so much, to work so hard, to take so much of this burden to heart for business owners who have the attitude "that's what you get paid for" about their employees who are really working above and beyond our "pay grade."  (I am paid $16.00 per hour,  $4.00 per hour less than the person I replaced and $5.00 per hour less than I was earning 5 years ago.)

I hope to stop working all together later this year - thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I don't have to work for health care coverage.  In the meantime, this fool is trying to find a better approach to getting through the day, be a good employee and co-worker and still leave it all behind when I go home for the night!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


1.)  What is it about my appliances that makes them stop working in pairs?  First the refrigerator and hot water
heater stopped working within weeks of each other - thank goodness they only required repair which we deduct from our rent...the only benefit of renting that I can see.

This weekend I no sooner plugged in my new toaster oven (and used a magnifying glass to read the teeny tiny symbols on the dials) than I found my steam mop no longer steams. The warranty expired recently. Won't be replacing it with the same model, that's for sure.

2.)  These early days of daylight savings are hard.  I have more trouble getting a move on in the dark mornings and then find I want to do errands and stuff after work because it feels weird to go home and make dinner in broad daylight.

On the other hand, I refilled our propane tank and have already grilled twice since Saturday!

3.)  I have been wanting to write a long post about e-cigarettes, - perhaps I will someday again find the time and energy to write long posts about all kinds of things!

Anyway, my husband who has smoked since he was about 12 is now three months tobacco free.  He is not nicotine free, however.  And that is actually okay.  Tobacco is the carcinogenic aspect of smoking, nicotine the addictive part.  The "haters" of the e-cigarette are not telling the truth on this issue.  I am not an apologist for the use of nicotine.  It is a stimulant and may have other negative effects on health - so does drinking too much caffeine or alcohol and eating too much sugar or bacon. Just saying, when it comes to the health cost of smoking, it isn't the nicotine causing the problem.

I have a husband who is finally not inhaling tobacco smoke into his lungs. He stopped coughing within a week of being off tobacco.  He uses his e-cigarettes and snus packs and plans to decrease use of those over the next year. I consider that a major victory and all the e-cigarette haters can stuff their lies and misdirected outrage.  He has used his e-cigs in all kinds of public places for several months and has never had a negative reaction much less a complaint.

I am really proud of him for making this big effort.  He actually loves smoking and misses his tobacco. He has done this to improve his health.  I hope the anti e-cigarette people don't mange to make them harder or more expensive for people to use - the alternatives are so much worse.

4.) We have been recording the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show every day and loving it.  His monologues aren't much but the skits, games and general feel of the show is so fun and upbeat.

5.)  I didn't write s biking post last weekend - I am feeling strange about that being the only subject I post lately...

We tried going off road - I have now run into something I am just not up for, even with my "hill assist."  It freaks me out and brings my fear of falling off the bike right up front and center.  So no more of that for me.  However, our nearby regional park,  Lake Chabot, is fabulous! Next time we go we are going to rent kayaks and paddle around.

Monday, March 3, 2014


View from the Double Barrel - sunshine!
 It was so windy on Saturday and the forecast for Sunday was for no wind with  0% chance of rain.  When we set out for Livermore the skies were ominously dark, but it wasn't very cold and, after all, a zero percent chance of rain...

We did some errands.  I got a cool jersey at the bike shop - short sleeves, so it will be a while before I actually wear it - and hung out waiting for brunch to start at the Double Barrel. It was getting windy and cooler - but we had a leisurely breakfast and as we left the restaurant the sun broke through.

Rain ahead....
When we reached the path back to Pleasanton, the skies turned dark again, the wind came up and we could see we were riding directly into rain coming down a couple of miles ahead.

We just laughed and peddled on.  What else could we do?

Luckily, the rain didn't come down in buckets, but we were plenty wet when we finally got home.  A hot shower and a cup of tea  took care of the chill.

Hey Maggie!!  The poppies are blooming!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Crystal Springs water level is very low - but still lovely.
Last weekend we finally got some rain and the weekend before that we just didn't go for a ride for some reason so we made a special effort this weekend to get out on our bikes.  We  wanted to use the new bike rack so we hit the road for a new biking spot -  the Crystal Springs Reservoir near San Francisco.

The day was another warmish, sunny one, the air fresh because we had a small rain storm move through last night. The reservoir is low due to our drought, but the crowds were out hiking and biking.

The Pulgas Water Temple
We finally found a safe place to park and get on the
road.  We lucked out because we ended up in an area that had closed the road to cars for several miles.

We had great views of the reservoir, beautiful scenery and after a few more miles, to some spectacular homes and horse properties.

We rode about 15 miles along that area then put the bikes back on the car and drove over to the San Mateo coastline and got on the bikes again and rode down toward the SF airport.  We stopped for a snack and watched the planes coming and going for a while, then rode back to the car and went home.  I did a few chores and then realized how tired I was and collapsed on the couch for a while!

Monday, February 10, 2014


This was quite a weekend for being nostalgic and thinking about just how long life has been.

There was the big 50 years tribute for the Beatles.  A wonderful show which brought me back time and again to times their music punctuated my life.  At my first boy/girl party  we played Meet the Beatles over and over.  When I Saw Her Standing There was my favorite.  I was in 5th grade.

I remember the Ed Sullivan show as clearly as  the assassination of JFK just months earlier.  It was a pretty memorable period of time for a kid.

The Beatles were the soundtrack to my youth and marked the changes our world went through in the 60's .  I was on the young side and a protected suburban kid, but even I could recognize their influence and reflection of the world as it was changing.  Hearing those songs brings back memories from so many periods of my life; and helps me remember that they opened my mind to new and different things.

I also got to spend time this weekend with Christina,  my friend who has been in my life the longest - since Biology class in 1970 when she sat behind me,  She liked to put her feet on the back of my chair and poke me in the butt. ( That really is how we became friends.)

I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around knowing someone for so many years.  We have lived in different states for most of the time and years have gone by between visits but still we manage to be connected.

I would say that it all makes me feel old,  but it doesn't.  It makes me feel full of life.  Seeing Paul and Ringo dancing and singing on stage at 71 and 74 reminds me there are still so many years ahead to celebrate and enjoy.  And spending the day with my long time friend makes me want many more visits in the years to come.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have maintained my 2012 resolution to steer clear of gossip sites and TV and have become rather blissfully
Mia and Woody with Dylan and Ronin.
and mostly unaware of  many things.  I have occasionally made an effort to find out the details of some items that the media hyped up ( twerking); and  felt glad to be a bit in the know and also found that it was hard to turn it off once I opened myself to the subject.  So I have made more of an effort to remain unenlightened.

So when all the crap started up again about Woody Allen allegedly molesting his adopted daughter immediately upon an honor bestowed upon him at the Golden Globes - I did read this extremely informed and well researched and smart article published on the Daily Beast blog.  I recalled much of this information from the investigations which were done 20 years ago.

If you have any doubts that that young woman has been brainwashed and that Mia Farrow is still a self centered whack job - read it...

Friday, January 31, 2014


1.)  This year I have seen more current movies, in a theater than I have in ages.  I LOVED American Hustle and completely disagree with the "critic"  who wrote that it was a hot mess and over rated.  In my opinion he  has too little knowledge and experience of the world to be a critic and maybe has a hard time admitting he couldn't follow a smart script.  We are hoping to see Gravity and Her before Oscar night.  The only big movies we have not seen yet.

By the way, we saw Nebraska, I didn't find it all that great but Tom loved it.  It was of a similar pace as Llewyn Davis, which I also thought was okay, but not my favorite Coen Brother's movie.

I think my favorite movie of the year was Blue Jasmine.

2.)  At work there is a full frig, but no ice maker or cube trays so I buy ice to use for my iced tea habit.  Printed on the bag is "Ice is food, too."  Concerned that, like catsup, the FDA had determined the ice to fulfill a food group, I looked it up.  

The FDA considers ice to be a food when it comes to cleanliness, sanitation, packaging and transportation rules.  Good to know.

The downside of looking things up is finding out stuff you didn't want to the kid who did a science fair project testing the bacteria levels in restaurant ice in comparison with their toilet water.  The toilet water won.

3.)   So apparently the Huffington Post put something on Twitter asking for nominations of outstanding women in 2013.  The Girl Scouts re-tweeted (sorry if I have that wrong - not being a tweeter) and now Fox "News" has declared war on the sale of GS cookies because a couple of the women on the list support  reproductive rights; therefore the Girl Scouts are actively promoting abortion within their ranks.


I don't really like GS cookies and rarely buy them - but I will this year.

3.)  Super statistician Nate Silver picks the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl!!! WooHoo!

Monday, January 27, 2014


When these dour moods descend on me I alternately fight and succumb.  My mood lifts for several days and
plunges again.  The voice in my head says "snap out of it!" and I am very aware I have so little to complain about.  But comparing ourselves to others doesn't resolve our own feelings and sometimes I think we just need to lay low and let things percolate and purify.

I realize that the post holiday let down is a matter of riding on a high of activity and family and when it is over I am simply tired.  With work it has been a long 3 months of carrying the load of  3 jobs all on my own and now with my co-worker back I can let myself slump in my seat and feel the stress of it. ( I also feel the lack of compensation for it - but that is another matter.)

Then the little things seem to pile on - the loss my bracelet that I have worn daily for nearly 20 years feels like a slap by the universe.  I am sure someone found it and recognized it's value (an early David Yurman piece) and chose not to turn it in.  That adds to the misery of it for some reason.

Stupid things like dropping a container of yogurt, spattering my clothes as I was about to leave for work.  Hitting all the red lights. Not being able to find the bath gel I like in any of the 5 stores I visited. The hot water heater breaking and the landlords, once again, not answering calls and e-mails.  All ordinary things, yet of late seem to be flung at my head in a cosmic game of dodge ball.

So, still here.  Still whining. Still have nothing interesting to say. Maybe next week I'll manage to read something interesting and think of something new to say and find the bright side again.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I am in a funk.  I lost my favorite bracelet that I have worn for nearly 20 years. It is too damned warm and sunny.  Maybe it is a post-holiday thing.  I am just blue.

I'll catch up when I exit the funk.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


1.)  I guess am settling into being 60 now.  I actually piped up and asked for the Senior Discount at
Walgreens yesterday - 10% off every Tuesday!

2.)  We went to see American Hustle last Saturday - what a powerhouse cast of amazing actors.  It was second only to Blue Jasmine on my movie list for the year.  We also saw Inside Llewyn Davis  a week or so ago - a bit slow moving but the music was great.  Tom wants to see Nebraska this weekend - anyone seen that one?

3.)  Having 10 days off work was great and really made me look forward to having every day off work...

4.)  We took our new bike rack out for the first time last weekend - we drove to Martinez and then rode our bikes over the Benicia Bridge, all around the downtown and marina and then back to Martinez.  It was about 22 miles altogether.

It was another amazingly warm winter day - we don't know how much longer this weather is going to hold but plan to take advantage of it while it is here.

5.)  Finished our book club selection Cukoo's Calling, which was very good and dove right into The Goldfinch which is sooo excellent.  I have read one good book after another this past year.  So satisfying.

6.)  One of the owners of the company I work for had a hissy fit a few months ago when the flu started going around and made a big deal about everyone getting a flu shot.  She quizzed everyone for weeks about getting the shots and freaked out when I was stuffed up even when I assured her it was just allergies.

This week she came into work sick as I have ever seen anyone.  We were all just cringing and practically bathing in hand sanitizer.  Her daughter is our office manager and kept telling her to go in her office, close the door and keep away from everyone but she just kept dragging people in there or walking around touching the door handles, the printer and the schedule book which is kept on my desk.  We sanitized everything in her wake.

Now we are all watching each other for signs that we caught her bug (it appears it might have been H1N1 and she finally got drugs from her doctor) - so far I think we dodged the bullet.

This weekend will tell.  Hope you all have a nice, healthy one!