Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Things I have never done and don't think I will - thought I have always told my kids "never say never..."

1.  I have never seen a Planet of the Apes movie and I will not see the new one coming out - really Hollywood?

2.   I have never taken a selfie.  Maybe the occasion will come up, but I will never buy a "selfie stick" in order to make myself look thinner when taking a selfie.

3.   I have never eaten a funnel cake or deep fried watermelon or Twinkie.

We went to the fair and there was so much food, food, food - some interesting and enticing stuff, though the 90 degree heat made for the longest lines for frozen lemonade and ice cream...  I did indulge in a frozen banana. Yum.

4.   I have never participated in a triathlon -   Except as a Course Marshall trying to keep the cars from hitting the bike riders.  On the way back they had to cross 5 lanes of traffic.  It was just Tom, me and 1 traffic officer.

Nerve wracking!!  But fun.

5.  I never thought Joan Rivers was funny - the fact that she has made herself rich and famous for being  mean and hateful, especially directed at women, really bothers me.  That she can't take criticism does not surprise me.

What do you never?


knittergran said...

Well, I guess I don't even think of what to say "Never" to. I just don't do whatever it might be---like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!
I did once have a deep fried Oreo and OMG!
So actually, I will say "never" to another one. Once is enough.
Thanks for keeping the bicyclists safe; my husband rides in events like that, and it scares me.

knittergran said...

Oh, and Joan Rivers? Has she gone senile in addition to already being mean?

smalltownme said...

I never liked Joan Rivers either, but I have seen all the Apes movies (and read the book).

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I've never thought Joan Rivers was funny either.

I've never heard of a "selfie stick."

I have never (and never will) seen a Planet of the Apes Movie. Ditto any of the superhero movies that are currently all the rage. And definitely ditto any movie with a post-apocalyptic theme.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I never say never :)