Monday, November 17, 2014


I keep thinking I should formally close down this blog since I have been neglecting it.  I also worry that when I do post it is all me, me, me and not the variety of topics I used to write about.  I keep thinking life will settle a bit and allow me time to do more, write more - so I keep it up just in case.

In the meantime, we have settled in fairly well to our new place.  Most of the boxes are finally unpacked and some pictures have been hung on the walls.  Mostly we have been out enjoying the glorious fall weather.
Contra Costa Canal Trail.
 There are miles and miles of new trails to explore on our bikes and many, many bars to enjoy happy hour cocktails.  My favorite is a neighborhood place with a barrel of peanuts in the shell to munch!

We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary - we didn't make it to Paris as we had hoped... but had a fine meal in a fancy place. A week later Tom had surgery for a "massive" kidney stone.  They sent a laser up his stuff and blasted the thing - it was quite an event and slowed him down for a week, which he did not expect being such a tough guy and all.

I have acquired a wonderful new bike.  Much research and test riding of all kinds of brands and styles led me to my Electra.  Fabulously light and lovely to look at.  We had a great day riding around in San Francisco and I am excited to get out and about on it again this week which has caused it to start raining...if I had known I could avert the drought by buying a new bike I would have done it last Spring!!

I have added a low basket and canvas bag to the rack and am looking for the perfect bell for the handlebars....

And now the holidays are taking over.  If I don't manage to post again in the next week or so - Happy Thanksgiving!!


Nan said...

Glad to hear your new place is working out so well.

Post when you feel like it. Blogging is a hobby; it should never feel like an obligation or a job.

knittergran said...

Happy Anniversary!
And my best to Tom--yikes!
And I love your new bike; I need to look into one.

smalltownme said...

I'm all for keeping the blogs never know when something will come up. I like the me posts just as much as other topics. Congratulations on your anniversary and good luck to your husband -- I hope he doesn't have to go through that again.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

What a darling bike.

Happy belated anniversary.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thinking posting when the mood strikes is the way to go--Feedly makes it easy to just pop in and out.