Monday, March 3, 2014


View from the Double Barrel - sunshine!
 It was so windy on Saturday and the forecast for Sunday was for no wind with  0% chance of rain.  When we set out for Livermore the skies were ominously dark, but it wasn't very cold and, after all, a zero percent chance of rain...

We did some errands.  I got a cool jersey at the bike shop - short sleeves, so it will be a while before I actually wear it - and hung out waiting for brunch to start at the Double Barrel. It was getting windy and cooler - but we had a leisurely breakfast and as we left the restaurant the sun broke through.

Rain ahead....
When we reached the path back to Pleasanton, the skies turned dark again, the wind came up and we could see we were riding directly into rain coming down a couple of miles ahead.

We just laughed and peddled on.  What else could we do?

Luckily, the rain didn't come down in buckets, but we were plenty wet when we finally got home.  A hot shower and a cup of tea  took care of the chill.

Hey Maggie!!  The poppies are blooming!


knittergran said...

I congratulate you on your bike-riding successes. I am currently in a plaster splint while the titanium plate put in last Friday settles in. I fell off my bike! And broke my wrist!
Anyway, bike-riding may not go back on my list of ways to exercise.

smalltownme said...

Nice adventure. My son comes home soaking wet from many bike rides. I invested in a shoe dryer.