Friday, May 27, 2011


1.)  I understand that this makes me a cranky old bag and I accept that.  I am sick of adult women putting on a pair of heels with jeans* and calling it dressed up.  It is not dressed up.  Very few women look better in jeans than in slacks.  It is time to be grown-ups and go back to nice pants.  You will look better and more appropriate for the places you are currently trying to "dress-up" 

And by the way, that goes for all the chefs on Top Chef too.  Sloppy, sloppy, grow-up.  (I am making that my my personal version of "Get off my lawn.")

*To clarify, I am not talking here about nice fitting, dark demin.  I am talking faded, saggy kneed, frayed hem, well worn everyday jeans.

2.)  I am going through a bunch of "last times" right now with youngest child  finishing high school - like last time I'll be making vats of mac & cheese for the drama kids on  rehearsal nights.  Wednesday night was their last performance as a group.  I had to miss it due to my work schedule, but my faithful delivery of mac & cheese for 4 years got me a "ticket" to the dress rehearsal!

3.)  Please read this wonderful essay by Marlo Thomas about bullying.  I agree that we all have to start talking about this problem and not stop until all our kids are safe in school and at home.

I also think that we need to take a long look at what we consider entertainment.  Those women on the Real Housewives shows?  Bullies.  Those coaches on Biggest Loser?  Bullies.  In fact, the behavior most glorified and egged on on most reality shows is bullying behavior.  Those shows are full of people shouting, name calling, cursing, fighting and putting each other down.  And if we are watching those shows with the kids around...

Is it any wonder they think that is an okay way to behave? 

4.) Saw this tub online and my first thought was about keeping it clean.  Based on the comments many others had the same thought - they were also worried about how they would look in it if someone were to come into the bathroom while they were in the tub!

5.)  How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

At some time this long weekend, remember those we have lost.


hokgardner said...

I think that tub is all kinds of awesome. I'd be willing to clean it, and I hate cleaning tubs.

yogurt said...

Housewives... most of 'em ... ridiculous. I think of people from other countries assuming the rest of us "normals" act in any way similar. All those cat fights. Please tell me the producers contrive to generate these bitch-fests and that the women are acting? What adults act like that? And I very much agree about the bullying aspect. I haven't watched too many episodes (I truly cannot take any one show for very long)but what I've seen has included back biting of the kind that would suggest interpersonal bullying (the type mostly seen in middle school girls).

As for the tub .. I'll pass. I might not mind how I look right now but give me a few years and I'll be thinking I need to wear a bathing suit in my own tub.