Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hilda was not cooperating.
 The house filled up.  It was crowded , noisy and especially after the gifts were opened,  it looked like an episode of Hoarders.  Then it emptied out again.  Well,  Ally is around for a few more weeks but manages to be out more than in.  The dog  wandered around all day looking for her people. I carried out bags and bags of trash and recycling. Cleaned out the refrigerator. Ran the dishwasher, yet again. Scrubbed the sticky counter tops and did a quick mop of the equally sticky floor.

That's the one.
 The recycling can is full of beer, wine and champagne bottles, one testament to the good time we had.  I finally got my picture of the kids together and printed out my annual letter.  I managed to sign and address them while at work, sent in time to be New Year's greetings.

 Feedback indicates the biscotti and chocolate macaroons were the favorite cookies this year.  The Sweet Potato Gratin I made for our big family dinner was a hit.  I am thinking I should toss the Peppermint ice cream Maggie didn't polish off...

Tomorrow I will attack the one remaining mess - the wrapping table in the upstairs hall.  Then I will reclaim the front bedroom for my pile of ironing and maybe put Downton Abbey on the TV while I iron.  The new season is starting up in January. 

So, the holidays.  Fun, exhausting, tasty, familiar, satisfying, worth it.


writingtowellness said...

What handsome kiddos you have! Sounds like your holidays have been full of family and fun - what could be better? Oh yes, having someone else to clean up!
Happy holidays!!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

The photos are terrific. How great that you got them.

Sweet Potato Gratin? Would you be willing to share the recipe?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is the one!

It sounds remarkably like my holidays . . . especially the "out more than in."

My daughter's in at SFSU, so maybe a meetup is in our future.