Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was texting with Maggie while waiting for a restaurant table the other day.  She said she was finding some cute tops at Old Navy.  I did not text back my surprise that she was shopping there after turning her nose up at that store for most of her teen years, just my good wishes for her shopping trip.

When we signed off my mind wandered to the past.  I remembered when Old Navy was not in every mall, but was actually the name of The Gap's outlet store.  My sister and I would make the long drive to the location and stock up on kids clothes we could not afford at mall prices.

Then I wondered why they named the store Old Navy and my mind traveled back to high school when there was an Army Navy surplus store on Main Street.  We girls would go there and brave the overpowering smell of aging rubber tarps and molering sleeping bags to shop for interesting pieces of clothing. 

The prize, as I remember it, was a pair of white 13 button sailor pants.  And there my memory stops.  I don't remember if I ever found some to fit me or even if any of my friends did. 

Funny how the object of desire remains intact in memory.

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shrink on the couch said...

My son wears a pair of sailor pants his grandfather wore in the Navy .. WWII. Dark blue wool. The shirt with white stripes on the hood, too (back flap?).