Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I know, sexist, but kinda funny, too.
 I took a few minutes to look around the internet news sites tonight while dinner was simmering.

I want to be a kind person and maintain my New Year's resolution so I will not comment on the Simpson/Johnson baby name.  I don't want to be a pushy mother so I am not forwarding to my daughter the the story on the best cities for women which show San Francisco as #2 and Philadelphia as #11 or so.  Maybe it was 9.  Whatever. It was lower than  the city close to me.

So what I will discuss?  I am not a hipster mom so I ignored the story about hipster mom gifts on etsy. How about "What moms really want for Mother's Day."  Since a year or so ago I asked for the house to be cleaned and a guy pulled up in a truck and cleaned the carpets. This should be good...

First off, the article is directed at dads.  Since my husband points out each year that I am not his mom, that is a problem for me.  When the kids were young I used to joke that Mother's Day  lasted as long as it took for me to be served lukewarm tea and cold toast and open some adorably kid wrapped gifts.  So, maybe 8:45 am? It was very efficient.

When the kids were older it usually happened later and the food was better, but the idyllic day off from all duties was never in the cards for me.  It is, however, the number one wish of polled moms.  In fact, one in 3 would just as soon not even spend the day with their family!  Women want peace and quiet and a chance to pee alone.

When asked, men rank flowers and jewelry as desired by women more than spa days, and that's a mistake.  Women prefer the pampering. Probably because there is some peace and quiet that comes along with it.

This will be my first Mother's Day as an empty nester.  Ally will be in the middle of her finals and I really don't want her to feel like she should come home.  I have always loved the cards my kids pick out and sometimes even make from scratch and the things they write.  So if anyone asks - that's what I want.

What about you mommies out there?  What will make your Mother's Day special?


hokgardner said...

We have a terrible track record for mother's day around here.

All I really want is some time to myself and the chance to take a nap. That's it. They don't even need to clean up the house.

knittergran said...

OH!!! My husband used to say that thing about my not being his mother too. I took offense and he doesn't do it any more.
What do I want? Not to cook, that's what.
The cover of this week's New Yorker shows a bunch of men and children at a park/playground. No women in sight. Title: Mother's Day. That says it all.

smalltownme said...

All I want is a full night's sleep. Can you tell I'm grouchy this morning?

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

While I will get my mother a card and gifts, I personally do not celebrate Mother's Day, so it's just another Sunday for me.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We belong to a swim and tennis club and the joke when the kids were little was "On Mother's Day all the Dads are here with the kids because the Moms just want a day off and on Father's Day all the Dads are here with the kids because the Moms say, 'It's Father's Day! Spend some time with your kids!"