Sunday, December 8, 2013


It was 38 degrees at 9 a.m. this morning.  I declared it too cold to ride my bike. I rode last week when it was around 50 degrees and my biking capri's, 3 layers of jackets, gloves and earmuffs were not enough - so 38 degrees?  Hell no.  Cold weather biking togs are  on my wish list...

I settled for doing laundry, hitting the grocery stores, ironing and setting up my gift wrapping station.  Maggie is coming home this Wednesday and wrapping needed to be done. (Not that I am saying she would snoop.) The big game (Seattle v. SF) started at 1:25 and so did my wrapping.

 Most of my shopping has been done online so I have boxes inside of boxes to manage.  I am so glad I didn't get any "peanuts" because I hate trying to bag them up to recycle  Instead, I had one package which took the prize for most ridiculous amount of waste:

The box for this one calendar (I'm not revealing any big secret, I always give the kids a calendar...) was 48 inches by 28 inches.  The calendar was just bouncing around in the big box.  Maybe someone screwed up and ordered these big weird sized boxes?

I managed to get most of my wrapping done, the stocking stuffers sorted and the laundry folded.  Next up - cookie dough!

And Seahawks?  You'll get 'em next time.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I've done as much wrapping as I can do until all of last week's online purchases arrive on my front porch.

I'm with you about biking when it's cold -- no, thank you, I'll pass.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I believe that is too cold to ride. It's been too cold here to be outside, in my opinion. Other folks still get out there, but I think 8 degrees is cold enough to stay indoors.

Nan said...

I've noticed most shippers these days are using little plastic air pillows instead of styrofoam, which strikes me as a huge improvement. The weirdest packaging I've seen in recent months was a shipment of my diabetic cat's food: the two 4-lb bags fit perfectly into a shipping carton (a plain brown cardboard box) which in turn fit perfectly into a plain brown cardboard box one size larger. Double-boxed for no apparent reason. Very strange.

smalltownme said...

It's a "one size fits all" box.