Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have been enjoying the presence of a couple of doves in the yard, even though they have been pooping on my chairs. Hilda has been barking and chasing them during her between-naps-yard- patrols, so I had not realized that they had found our yard pleasant enough to build a nest until yesterday when I went out to tend the yard and sweep the patio.

The birds were sitting on the top of a lattice full of jasmin, right next to our sliding door. They don't seem to mind us going in and out, but the broom handle spooked them when I was sweeping the top step, so I investigated and there was the nest and a couple of eggs.

I then pestered them all afternoon trying to get a picture of one of them on the nest, that is why it is pretty dark!

I hope that all goes well and that we get to see the baby birds. I understand that they don't stay long after the babies hatch.
I'll try to get more pictures.


smalltownmom said...

Those are great. You were lucky to catch the bird in the nest.

themom said...

Great pics. I get a robin that nests a couple of times throughtout the spring into summer. They are amazing.