Monday, August 24, 2009


This morning I was upstairs, getting dressed, making the bed - the usual. I noticed that the bathroom trash basket was full so I went to get a bag to dump it in; went through all the upstairs rooms and dumped all the wastebaskets. I noticed the toilet paper roll in the hall bath was empty so I put a new one on. I grabbed the folded dish towels from the laundry room and carried them down with the trash, put them away, took the trash out. Checked the patio pots to see if they needed water. Then I sat down to work.

While the computer was booting up I ran through a list of things that some people in my household never do. Some people never change a light bulb, dust a table, empty the dishwasher, clean a toilet or plan a meal. There are those who have never cleaned the refrigerator, folded a tee shirt or matched socks. Who don't know where the vacuum bags are or how to iron a shirt, fry an egg or go to the pharmacy or back to school night.

Then the computer was ready to go so I logged on and started my work.


smalltownmom said...

This post made me run upstairs to see if my 13-year-old son had put the toilet paper on the holder like I asked him to yesterday. Nope -- it's still sitting on the windowsill.

themom said...

I have a sign hanging from the TP holder that says "Changing the toilet paper roll will NOT cause brain damage." Sometimes I think my family members consider that a challenge. But once the computer boots up - no more owrries..I am NOW working!!