Friday, October 9, 2009


1. I have this fantasy that we human beings could be self-cleaning, just like the oven. Throw back the covers in the morning and we are showered, shaven and shampooed. Just style and go!

2. My job search has stalled out. appears to think so, too. Instead of an e-mail with job postings, I had one inviting me to check out other job options based on my skills and resume. I have a law degree, a journalism degree. I have worked in marketing and customer service for the most part.

I answered 6 questions. In dictating my interest in law, politics, writing, problem solving, interpersonal skills and the like. The list of careers that I should pursue included: Anesthesiologist, Electrical Equipment Assembler, Fish and Game Warden, Cashier and Geographer. Even Netflix does a better job of matching my interests!

3. I didn't realize that the Bible was up for revision. Just think of the possibilities. It could be revised women to remove the bias toward men. By perverts to make their kinks the norm. By PETA to ban the eating and wearing of animals. The mind boggles

4. My son called to say he had come up with the answer to a proof presented by one of his math professors which no previous student had ever been able to answer. GO MATH.

5. Shoes I chose with my Piperlime gift card from the Women's Colony gift card are on the way, will post early next week when I have tried them on!

6. This morning on The Today show they were talking about NASA's project to blast free some of the surface of the moon to gather more information on it's make-up. The "news team" cracked jokes and showed cartoons and said something along the lines of "hope they find out what they are looking for." I grew up in the 60's when we all took great pride in what NASA was doing and saw them as us. The can do spirit of this country. Too bad the cynics are taking over everything.

7. We are expecting rain on Monday. I plan to get the garden ready for it and start closing up my outdoor mosaic studio. Have a great weekend.

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Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

About #3, I saw that article about some people revising the Bible and wondered the same thing as you.