Thursday, February 11, 2010


1.) Driving behind a big truck with a big bumper sticker "Freedom is Not Free" and it just makes me crazy because these are the same guys that bitch and moan about taxes.

They think war is the way to solve problems and just how do they think money is raised to pay for wars? Corporate sponsorship? Do they think dead and maimed bodies are the only price of war?

With every one of those bumper stickers or tee shirts should come an invoice for the now 1.5 TRILLION dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistan for our "freedom."

2.) I have a new plan for our financial salvation. At the rate things are going with my job search, I am thinking I have as good a chance of winning the lottery as I do of getting a job.

So I am going to start buying lottery tickets in addition to sending out resumes and going to agencies. I'll keep you posted!

3.) I love the new campaign for Valentine's Day "Love your Sweetheart but breakup with your big bank." The idea is to move your funds, no matter how small, from the big banks - BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup to smaller local banks, this is a political movement to make banks small enough so that they cannot hold their potential failure, due to their own greedy bad decisions, over our heads.
We did this some years ago and find we have better service and lower charges.
So how does moving my little $900.00 savings account change anything you say? Just like every vote counts, every decline in deposits is missed, even by the big boys. Just think about what even a 10% decline in deposits would mean - and then 20%...Come on everybody - practice some tough love on those banks!


jenn said...

I love the idea of moving away from the big banks. It's true - we vote with our daily actions and choices.

Happy V-Day!

smalltownmom said...

We sold a car, and rather than bank the money I paid off a bunch of credit cards. So I'm not paying those card companies any more interest.

Lisa said...

I hear you on the people who think money for war is fine, but money for education and health care and safety, etc. is wrong. I especially love my family and friends who complain about taxes and yet, they work for the government and are paid by TAX DOLLARS.

We use a local bank. They've been great.