Sunday, February 21, 2010


Perhaps this belief makes me callous, but I do not think that all suicides should be prevented. I think that there are adults who have reasonably chosen to end their lives and that should be allowed and respected.

And then there are kids like the 14 year old girl from my daughter's high school, who ate lunch with her boyfriend on Friday and he broke up with her. She was distraught, she told her friends she wanted to die. At 2:30 she ran in front of the train that passes by the school and killed herself. That is a completely different thing.

People like Alexander McQueen, apparently suffered greatly from depression and determined to wait until his mother passed away to spare her the pain of his death. I don't doubt that he tried to save himself, that others tried to help him and love him and it didn't work for him. I think that is a choice, much like those with terminal illnesses might choose not to linger or go through prolonged treatment.

But the impulse of a girl in the throes of her first heartbreak. Oh! It is so sad. She didn't even go home and cry in her mother's lap.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sad about that girl. I'm so sorry to hear about this.

jenn said...

Oh, my God! That's heartbreaking. Poor little thing.

A friend of mine (and mom of 3) who suffers from depression chose to commit herself to an inpatient facility this weekend. I don't know all the details of what led to this step, but it's left me shaken. Depression is such a frightening illness.

Nan said...

It's always heartbreaking when it's kids.