Friday, May 28, 2010


1.) I am thinking about sneaking out to see Sex and The City sometime this weekend. I haven't heard great things about it, but I have not been to a movie in a long time and for some reason, it appeals to me to go see the fashions and fantasy the movie is sure to have. Escapism to the ninth degree...without violence and special effects (unless you count botox).

2.) Hey, Blogger spellcheck doesn't recognise botox!

3.) Ally worked her first two events for the catering company last weekend both of them were weddings. She both enjoyed and was exhausted by it. She came home and said she now understood why we acted the way we did after working all day! It sounds like she did very well, the owner said she was a natural when it came to serving. She is very cute in her tux shirt and bow tie, and very proud of having her first job.

4.) The kids here have a 5 day weekend due to the school furlough days (because of school budget cuts.) It must be very difficult for working families of small kids to deal with all these added days off from school. The "trickle down effect" of economics always seems to be negative - not positive the way it was always presented by those who promoted it.

5.) Those weather prognosticators are wrong again about the forecast today, it is once again cool and cloudy. How much money do these people make for so rarely being right? Come to think of it, how many people do we see every day who are not very good at their jobs? Sullen, slow, sloppy, incompetent at their jobs? I run into a lot of them. Yet they get hired and I can't.
Well, I now have 3 days off from job hunting and I plan to enjoy them. Hope you all do, too!

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