Monday, May 24, 2010


I am a TV watcher. I am somewhat discriminating, I don't like nastiness, violence or a lot of beeped out swearing. (I will not say negative things about shows I would never watch because I frequently see them on lists of "guilty pleasures" of bloggers I otherwise admire!)

I will say that the top viewed shows are not generally the ones I am watching. I tend to gravitate to the odd or quirky like the short lived Pushing Daisies or Eli Stone. I also like good writing and over the top story lines which is what drew me to Glee, Lost, Gray's Anatomy and House. Good writing plus style like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I am not much for reality shows with the exception of Project Runway, Top Chef and my favorite, So You Think You Can Dance.

House has lost it's mojo, I still like Gray's, but it, too is losing it's impact. Still loving the AMC dramas and the reality shows - and last night was the last Lost.

I camped out in my room and watched the 2 hour recap and then the 2.5 hour finale, completely enthralled. I think because this show was, from the very beginning, not like anything else ever done on TV. It was strange, full of odd occurrences, some explained seasons down the line, some never explained. And that's okay! Because it was all there to keep the viewers intrigued. To keep the viewers tuned in to see what pieces fit together and what were just stuff that happened that didn't really have meaning. Like life.

And, like life, in the end the viewers were most attached to the people and their relationships over the years. The symbols, the codes, the secrets - not so important. The people. What they went through together, the bonds they formed, the transformations they made were what mattered and what survived. So I had some teary moments during the finale and some trouble falling to sleep pondering if I liked the way it was ended. Which means right to the end of Lost, they did a great job of delivering great TV. I hope it is not the last time it is done.


smalltownmom said...

You just named most of my favorite shows.

michiganme said...

Boy, I totally agree with your TV-watching philosophy. I don't like to disparage shows I don't watch because people watch TV for different reasons. Since I wake up a lot in the middle of the night, I record several shows on the DVR so I have something to watch. And my standards for TV viewing are different at 3:00am than they are at 9:00pm!