Friday, August 20, 2010


1.)  It may not have made a big splash on the national news, but there was a stay placed on the Proposition 8 same sex marriage ruling in CA by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  This means there will be no marriages performed for the time being.  The court will hear the arguments in early December.

If you are interested in supporting same sex marriage throughout the country, the Courage Campaign has a petition which you can sign here.
2.)  I spent and hour on the phone (I am not exaggerating) with Comcast trying to figure out why I could not log in to the e-mails they occasionally send offering credit for free movies.  They never did fix it.  I got switched to a recording about downloading Norton and the guy never called back and I was just exhausted from the whole thing and gave up.
Then The DVR started acting up, so I hoped for the best and called again. This guy couldn't seem to make a connection with our DVR and promised to credit us for the month and told me to take it in and switch it out for a new one.  He also upgraded us *free* to add 3 premium channels, HBO, Starz and Showtime.  
I can't believe how much TV has been watched in the week since!  You would think we were shut-ins.  I was excited because I could watch the mini-series they have made of Pillars of the Earth (a book I loved!) but Ally and Tom have been glued to the set!
Ok, I admit I also watched the new season opener of Weeds instead of having to wait for the DVD and I enjoyed the new series called The Big C with Laura Linney.
3.)  Speaking of TV.  There is apparently a new show in the fall lineup featuring the beloved Betty White.  Someone had the brains to hire her but not the brains to know not to airbrush her face for the publicity photos!  This is really getting ridiculous - no one looks real anymore.  Or should I say no women look real any more.
4.)  Sad but true fact for many women of this country, not just actresses...

Actress Kristin Bauer from True Blood was asked "Is there a lot of pressure to stay thin?"

"The other day I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry."

5.)  I am taking Ally shopping today for some back to school clothes.  I never understood why this was necessary in CA since the weather stays summer like until October or so here but I did notice at registration the other day that many of the girls were already walking around in their winter boots and scarves ignoring the fact that shorts and sandals were more weather appropriate.

As a life long California girl happy in cotton and  flip flops pretty much year round, I just don't get it.  But I know not to say so in front of my 16 year old while she is shopping...Peace.


jenn said...

And ironically, my daughter who lives in Maine where it can snow by October, still tries to slip out the door in capris in the winter.

Lisa said...

I love your Friday posts. I remember that need to wear the new fall clothes even though it was still summer weather. It lasted exactly one day. Then it was back to the shorts and sandals.

michiganme said...

Fun post. I never got the 'back to school clothes' phenomenon either. I remember as a high school kid in the 70s it wasn't cool to wear new clothes the first couple of weeks of school, so I always drag my feet when my kids want to go shopping. And even in Michigan the temp doesn't cool down enough in September to wear fall clothes!

Nan said...

I don't get the wearing scarves and boots in August either, but I see kids doing it here in Atlanta when it's close to 100 with humidity to match. Then in January when it's snowing they'll be in thin cotton tee-shirts and flip flops.

mkosboth said...

My favorite is when we have sub zero temps around here, and the college students are wearing shorts or short skirts with their UG boots. Really? When you get frost bite on your knees, don't complain to me.

Lori R. said...

Susan,,, thanks for visiting me today and your words of encouragement. You, my dear, are actually one of my inspirations. I saw your little counter on your side bar (by the way I want to figure out how to do that) and was so happy for you at losing 60 + since January. I read your posts about going to the gym. I thought in the time I have sat here reading your blogs you have made an effort and have won at losing. So, one day I just said this is enough and went and signed up. So thanks for you being you and thanks for your words. I appreciate it!!! ♥