Friday, March 11, 2011


1.)  I read that the Texas legislature decided they need to get serious about dealing with illegal immigration, so they presented a bill with a stiff, $10,000 fine for anyone hiring illegals. Then, at the very last minute before the vote, someone inserted a paragraph exempting people who hire domestics and yard workers. I guess life just wouldn't be worth living in Texas without a house keeper and yard service.

2.)  I sure hope that the citizens of Wisconsin move quickly and surely to recall Governor Scott Walker and the senators behind the sneaky and underhanded stripping of rights from Wisconsin workers.  As Robert Reich said on his blog:

Governor Scott Walker and his Wisconsin senate Republicans have laid bare the motives for their coup d'etat. By severing the financial part of the bill (which couldn't be passed without absent Democrats) from the part eliminating the collective bargaining rights of public employees (which could be), and then doing the latter, Wisconsin Republicans have made it crystal clear that their goal has had nothing whatever to do with the state budget. It's been to bust the unions.

For me the most ironic idiotic thing said was by Gov. Walker when he announced that he was saving the "middle class" of Wisconsin by this move.  Who the heck does he think makes up the disappearing middle class but the teachers, police and other civil employees? 

3.)  We watched 127 Hours the other night.  I just want to say that anyone (like me) who has avoided the movie because of all the talk about the graphic scenes of him cutting himself free from the rock - it isn't as bad as they say and it is easy to look away for the most difficult moments.  I liked the movie, but I don't know why it was up for Best Picture. 

4.)  I am so amazed and saddened by the destruction in Japan from the historic earthquake last night.  Of course our San Francisco stations are almost completely focused on the effects on our area from the tsunami activity - it has been predicted to create a surge no larger than a big storm - but the stations have pre-empted all the national morning shows to say the same things over and over.  I wish they were as interested in devoting as much time and reportage to some of the budget problems and political issues of the day.  Perhaps our electorate would be better informed.

5.)  Ally is taking economics this semester.  The teacher has the class doing budgets based on randomly selected incomes and marital/family circumstances.  It has been interesting to go through it with Ally who has a "dumb" husband who insisted on renting a house for $4,400. a month and running the grocery bill up to $900. a month!  The exercise is a pretty good exposure to real life costs and decision making.  I was a bit upset to see that out of the required expenses the instructor assigned, saving money was not included. Talk about missing out on a teachable moment.

 I instructed Ally to make savings a priority and to cut down in other areas to allow for it. 
6.)  Happy weekend and remember to Spring Forward on Saturday night.  Save some of that daylight!


yogurt said...

Another supreme example of politicians taking care of their own. Because, duh, when you're in the lege you GOTTA have domestic help!

Appreciate your take on 127 Hours. I'm pretty adept at looking away or putting head under blanket or using laptop as a vision shield. Still not sure I can stomach it, however. Yow.

The economics assignment, which sounds excellent, maybe says something about the instructor's financial situation. Not much room for savings. Or too many trips to Starbucks ;) Still, encouraging kids to factor savings in makes very good sense.

yogurt said...

Oh and as for the destruction in Japan, yes. Frightening, especially some of the footage. I logged on just now in order to check on a fellow blogger who lives in Japan.

Murr Brewster said...

I don't think the Republicans have any interest in restricting illegal immigrant labor. The fact that we have an underclass working for us for slave wages, a class that cannot organize or object because of their illegal status, means the middle class can slide to the bottom as well, because the market will favor the lower wages. Then they have us all shopping at Walmart, who invented moving manufacturing to China, because we can't afford anything else, and the Republicans will call it elitism if we point that out. Clever pirates, they are.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm going to a "Defend the Dream" rally--they've motivated me to stand up against this BS.