Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was reading an article on Slate about American spending habits around Mother's and Father's day.  apparently we spend about $35.00 more on mom.  The article suggested that the reason had to do with the high price tags of things like spa treatments and jewelry versus ties and gadgets for dad.

At my house I think this may be true.  It is not because dad is less valued - it is because dad goes out and buys himself what he wants when he wants.  It leaves few options for special occasion giving.  When a special occasion is coming up, I store up ideas of things I would like and drop hints or even make a little list - like an Amazon wish list.  This year, as in years past, I asked for a professional house cleaning - this year that was translated to carpet cleaning.  Which is fine.  The carpets needed to be cleaned.  I just wished  Merry Maids was also coming by to scrub the tubs!

When the kids start asking me what dad wants for Father's Day - I may or may not have managed to come up with some ideas.  This year I was pretty blank.  He is getting a gift card for his favorite coffee place   because I can see that he is using his debt card to buy coffee there several times a week.  Our son is taking him out for a long bike ride.  I was coming up really dry for ideas - then it hit me.  Our local favorite restaurant has a great house wine which is not sold anywhere locally (and costs a small fortune to have shipped) but they are willing to sell bottles from the restaurant as long as they are opened (some kind of limitation on their liquor license.)

Now, I send a lot of business to this restaurant in my position at the hotel and I know people have told them I have sent them. On my first visit I introduced myself as a hotel employee to the owner - but I never have since, plus I have never expected or received any special consideration.

That said,  I do admit to a bit of calculation in my thinking when I went in to purchase some of the wine for Tom for his Father's Day gift  when I stopped in,  in uniform,  on my way to work.  At first they were not so sure about allowing me to purchase 6 bottles - but  the chef came out of the kitchen, we chatted and then they decided to allow me to purchase them unopened.  Shhh - don't tell!

So I managed to get something Tom could not get for himself!  Some good karma!

Cheers to all the Fathers!


smalltownmom said...

My husband bought some stuff for his car -- that was his father's day gift. I bought myself a panini press for mother's day.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My husband is an amazing gift giver, but never wants anything (or if he does he buys it). I think he gets a kick out of being the legendary gift-giver, so my yearly lame Startbucks card is a gift in itself.