Friday, June 3, 2011


1.)  Someone at work started calling this month Juneuary.  Very apt.  We are having very cold, rainy spring. In addition to feeling Spring-deprived, I am getting nervous about Ally's graduation next week - the ceremony is held outdoors and in the evening...When Maggie and Zac graduated 5 years ago it was one of the hottest June days on record.  So maybe we will have the coldest one for Ally's graduation!

2.)  Ally is shopping for a roommate on Facebook.  SF State has a set up so the students can meet online and try to  find themselves a good roommate match.  I hope it is more successful than the matches that the dorms made in my day - there was no rhyme or reason to a sheltered suburban, liberal, lover of music like Traffic and Chicago ending up with a girl who was raised on a ranch, listened to country, swore like a sailor and took one look at me and called me a hippy.  Turns out I was her second roomie - the first one was African-American and her family threw a fit.  The original roommate I was paired with might have been a better match for me!

3.)  Zac has settled into staff housing at the CSUMB campus.  He is going to be the AmeriCorps*  staff position in the Service Learning Institute.  He will earn very little money this year, but will be awarded an education stipend at the end of his service.  It is also a bonus for the grad school resume. 

He always said he was interested in the Peace Corps but does not have the second language skills they tend to require.  Plus now he is more interested in service and social justice studies and not so interested in teaching math.

By the way, I learned that people over 55 can join AmeriCorps and transfer the education stipend to their child or grandchild!  Pretty cool for those who want to serve the country and help their family, too.

4.)  I heard in passing that Brad and Angelina's kids are questioning their not being married.  Then I  read that the last census found that married couples are now in the minority in this country; down 4% - while couples living together have risen 13%.  They have found that many couples are waiting to complete their educations, get settled in jobs and just generally wanting to be older and more mature before marriage.  I think that is great.

My parents married while in college and they encouraged their children to wait to be married - my dad said 30 was a good age.  Four out of 5 of us waited and we are all still married.  The sister who married young has been married and divorced 3 times now!  Just saying...

Then again, my parents have managed to stay together 58 years!

5.)  Did you know that you can be ticketed for jaywalking if you enter a crosswalk with less than 5 seconds left on the countdown?  I didn't.  Six of out out of town hotel guests were ticketed today just trying to go out to lunch.  Hope the revenue raised is worth the bad vibe sent out to the guests visiting out city.

*AmeriCorps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent federal agency whose mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering.


writingtowellness said...

I had no idea that we mature folks could join AmeriCorps! A thought for the future when my chest heals.

hokgardner said...

My parents were 21 and 22, or something like that, when they got married and they are still married. I have excellent role models.

One of my cousins did both Americorps and PeaceCorps. In the PC she ended up in Niger.

knittergran said...

Did you know that the mother of one of the girls who were assigned to share a room with Michele Obama threw a fit and wanted her daughter moved? She moved out second semester when another room opened up.

Tricia said...

Room-mates. I don't know, sometimes it is good to be assigned someone that you might not have picked if you had the choice. It may help to understand why people have different opinions, and different lives. I know when I was that age I was much more open minded and accommodating. Of course I could also be totally wrong, and I do remember in university hearing stories of the room-mate from hell who partied all the time and did not allow the other person to study or sleep!

Nan said...

I've heard of retirees doing Americorps -- unfortunately, it's one of the many programs the budget slashers in Washington want to eliminate so it may not be around much longer. IMHO, it should be expanded, not shrunk.

Spring is late in a lot of places. We're on vacation in Upper Michigan at the moment, and the apple trees just started blooming and the lilacs are just buds, no flowers yet.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I got married at 23, and we have almost 24 years in--I think between 25 and 30 is good; some people tend to get a little set in their ways after 30.

My son's college matches the old-fashioned way. He just filled out his preferences and he checked that he went to bed late. This from a kid who is asleep by 10 and up by 7--I have no idea what he was thinking, but I talked him into changing it!

yogurt said...

Waiting to marry, most definitely. If I had married the guy I loved in my teens? ::Shudder::