Friday, November 18, 2011


1.)  There was an awkward few minutes on The View the other day when the narcissistic Elisabeth went after guest Bill Maher for a joke he made 9 months ago which had her as the punch line.  The joke was tasteless, as Maher often is, but it was ridiculous that the powers that be on the show allowed her rant.

Anyway, I bring this up because of all the things I have heard said about the whole Penn State mess, he had one of the most profound observations.  He said that these things happen in male institutions.  When there are women involved and influencing things, it's different.  Think about it.  The clergy, football and other male dominated sports, fraternities. 

For one thing, women are not so susceptible to hero worship.  And since women and children are frequently the victims of male wrongdoing, the presence and influence of women both makes us part of their consciousness and watchdogs over their darker urges.  This is not male bashing, it is about the yin and yang of male and female balancing things.

2.)  I believe my back has healed to the point of getting back to the gym.  I am going to confer with one of the trainers I know to be knowledgeable about how to get started back into my fitness routine.  When I am being honest with myself - I know that the major reason I ended up with back pain is my slacking off the gym.  The couple of times a week attendance has led to my feeling jiggly and obviously is not enough to maintain my fitness.  I don't need to wait for the new year to make the resolution to get back to the gym.

3.)  I am picking up some extra hours this weekend in a attempt to make up for my tiny paycheck after exhausting my sick days.  Just as well as the whole town is caught up in a pre-black Friday shopping craze.  Tomorrow the stores on our main street are opening up at 7am and everyone is invited to shop in their pj's.  That should be interesting!

In years past I have tried to get all my shopping done by Thanksgiving so I could avoid all the holiday crowds.  Not going to happen this year.  However the benefit of working evenings is that I can go out early and during the week.  Not feeling as inspired as I have for holidays past, but I did come up with a good theme for our family ornaments - not going to reveal it yet because my kids read my blog!

4.)  Hope that Have a gret weekend shopping, working or just hanging out.


hokgardner said...

I despise Bill Maher most of the time. But every once in while he makes a good point.

And don't people pretty much already shop in their PJs these days?

Anonymous said...

Your observation does not sound like male bashing at all. For some reason(s), many Western societies have let men have all the power and denied them true connections. If women were in charge, do you think we would send our children to war over oil?

I glad your back is so improved. If your gym time is restricted, see how walking goes.

smalltownme said...

I go out to the mailbox in my PJs but I would not wear them in town. Even on pajama day working at the school I would still wear day clothes.