Thursday, June 28, 2012


1.)  Just love the whole kerfluffle about kids not being allowed to apply sunscreen at school and camp without a doctor's note.  I imagine pediatricians all over the country writing prescriptions or notes for sunscreen application - just thrilled that their time is taken up with this exercise. Will common sense ever return to this country?

2.)  I have been a life long viewer of The Today Show.  I have lost a lot of respect for the show in the past years and my viewership has diminished.  I have not switched to any other network because the lack of good journalism is rampant everywhere.

It used to be that the first hours of the show were dedicated to hard news and the later hours to the fluffier, human interest stories.  When they started leading with Lindsey Lohan stories I knew it was over.  Now they have driven away the smart, warm co-anchor Ann Curry who mercifully took over after silly Meredith Viera left.  That is pretty much the nail in the coffin for me.  I am switching to the local news in the mornings.

3.)  This video makes me miss our little Hilda!

Have a great weekend.


shrink on the couch said...

Sunscreen requires Rx from MD whaaaaat? Is that a Cally Forny thang? As if it isn't bad enough to have to send a note and an UNOPENED bottle of Ibuprofen to the school nurse while I am perfectly comfortable trusting my kids to take a dose in their lunch sack. Argh. Some overly cautious parents ruin it for the rest of us. Still and all, I don't get why sunscreen needs an Rx? Or is this the school's way of making the parents "prove" little Joanie "needs" the sunscreen? Plenty of parents go over board with the sun protection, while we're at it.

As for my morning viewing, it's CNBC for me. I gave up on major network morning shows a lonnnng time ago. Too many commercials and too many irrelevant "news" stories.

Jan@WritingToWellness said...

Prescription requied for sunscreen? Outrageous. I would charge the school $50.00 for every script.

I gave up on the Today show long ago. Too much cuteness. Now I realize that morning TV is rarely on in our household. I get news from online sources or MSNBC or make it up - LOL.

Thanks for the adorable puppy video. I'm sure that crab knew dachsunds usually hate water and was trying to herd the dog into the waves.

Lisa Golden said...

I love your Friday Fast Ones.

The state of journalism on the networks and on much of cable is abysmal. I was a Morning Joe viewer for ages, even listening to it on satellite in the car, but I can't take it for very long anymore. I'd rather listen to audio books or radio classics like Philip Marlowe and Jack Benny.