Sunday, July 1, 2012


Tom is beside himself with joy over the Tour de France having started.  Partly because he is a huge fan and lives out his cycling fantasies following the guys on the tour. 

Also partly because even though we have something like 100 channels to watch, he seems always to be channel surfing or watching something he has watched before.  The joke around our house is:

"Sue*, guess what's on TV!"

"What Hon?"

"Air Force One!  Should I tape it for you?"

If you don't get the joke - you may not  spend much time surfing through the channels.  Air Force One is on a channel somewhere in the lineup at every hour of the day.  We decided there must have been an act of Congress which mandated it.

*Tom is one of the few people to still call me Sue.


knittergran said...

So that's what Congres has been up to while they were waiting to see if they would have to repeal ACA.
And my husband is doing the same---oh yay---30 days of the Tour de France on tv. All.the.time..
Thanks for the compliment on my skirt!

knittergran said...


Tricia said...

I'm thinking Bradley Wiggins has a good shot at winning. He certianly has the talent but if Sky team put their resources into the egotist Mark Cavendish then Bradley will not have a chance. Bradley crashed out last year so he did not have a chance last year.
I would love to see my hometown boy Ryder Hesjedal win but I don't think Garmin Baracuda will put their eggs in that basket.
As much as I like Cadel Evans I think age will work against him.
Do you have any idea how fast they descend on those little thin tire wearing basically their underwear?? It's a dangerous sport.