Monday, July 9, 2012


In the spirit of Mrs. G's challenge to do something new and scary (it was a while ago and I can't find the post to link), I agreed to go out on my bike at night. I am not a sure and steady bike rider in the broad daylight.  I hate riding near cars - or people for that matter. Tom LOVES his night rides and comes home thrilled with his adventures in the darkness.

What lured me out into the dark?  Fireworks.  We live less than a mile from the county fairgrounds and this year they were shooting off fireworks every Friday night.  We can't really see them from home because of the trees and we noticed that a local park filled up with families and picnickers the previous Friday.

We left in daylight and found a spot on the patio of a local brew pub with good food.  Then as it was getting dark we rode down the street a mile or so to the park.  It was scary for me even though Tom affixed no fewer than 4 lights to my bike.  It was flashing and strobing and lit up like a parade.  I could see his headlight steady and straight and mine wobbling all over the road!  I felt a little queasy, but I made it. 

The park with full of kids draped with glow lights.  It was entertaining to see them flitting around like noisy multicolored fireflies.  The fireworks show was great and the ride home much less nerve wracking.  It really was a lovely night.


smalltownme said...

That's a great adventure!

Jan@WritingToWellness said...

I'm with you - my bicycle confidence is, well, it isn't. But to go see fireworks on a pleasant evening, I might just put on the training wheels. Sounds like a grand time!

Lisa Golden said...

I love it! That's definitely a reward for trying something new.

michiganme said...

I'm inspired!

knittergran said...

I congratulate you! I bought a new bike (a granny bike, says my husband) and the first time I tried to ride, in the daylight, I fell three times going down the hill out of my neighborhood. Three times!!!
I picked up my phone and the three books I had intended to return to the library, grabbed my bike, and walked home.
I kind of wish it been dark!
Now I'll have to try again. D*mn hills!