Tuesday, February 19, 2013


First off - somehow I didn't realize that Sunday night's episode was the season finale, second I had heard at some point that Dan Stevens wanted off the show.  So last night when I was watching my recording, and I saw him speeding down the country road, giddy with happiness, I said "Oh no!" so loud that it brought my husband into the room. 

I read a few reviews and blogs on the subject of how the writers handled this season and I disagree with the idea that Matthew could not possibly be taken over by another actor.  I never found Dan Stevens appealing.  I liked the character of Matthew, but the actor playing him, not so much.  For me placing a new man in the role would have been just fine. 

However, and maybe this is because of the way the writers handled the season leading up to the crash; what would his character done with himself going forward?  Would being a gushing dad and having Robert on board with the modernisation of Downton been enough?  There could have been some drama if he insisted in going out to work as a lawyer again.  Perhaps the exit - though really too much on top of Sybil's death, was the best way to move the story forward.

I can't say I am all that interested in Rose entering the picture, though I think seeing her home life makes her more sympathetic. It does appear that they were setting up O'Brien to take off with Shrimpy and Susan to India, but other than that downstairs isn't geared up to be all that interesting, either. They say that the producers are casting a new romantic partner for Mary, so it looks like we are in for a leap to the future...

I guess we just have to wait until January to see if the storytelling improves - and to see what the Dowager has to say next.


Nan said...

My impression is that they got the word late in the script writing process that there would be a seaon 4. The previous episode (the cricket match) seemed like a typical let's wrap it all up with a happy ending sort of conclusion; the season finale actually felt tacked on, like it was cobbled together quickly. Then again, maybe the cricket match was meant to set us for weirdness in the finale.

I never cared much for the character of Matthew. Of course, I don't like Mary either. Or most of the rest of the characters. I watch to catch the gems that Dame Maggie gets to toss out.

Too bad Shrimpie didn't have a wastrel son that he could have parked at Downton -- then there would have been a riskier love interest for Tom Barrow than one of the footmen for next season.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I just watched it--having successfully avoided most spoilers and thus having had the mistaken impression that it was Mary that died.

We shall see what the next episode brings, but I will surely be watching.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I've only watched a few episodes (total) but I did watch this one with my MIL and FIL here for a visit. I also shouted out "oh, no!" because it was so very obvious what was about to happen.