Friday, February 22, 2013


1.)  Each morning for the past week I have crossed paths with the same car.  The driver I could not ID, but the passinger is a very large white poodle sitting in the front seat, strapped in and looking forward through the windshield.  The dog is very poised, sitting still and appears to be quite engaged in the road ahead.  Each day it puts a smile on my face.

2.)  Our experiment with Tom working from home is coming to an end.  We are packing his home office and moving him back into the very space he vacated in our little downtown.  I think it was a combination of the noise of a neighborhood full of families, young kids and all the coming and going and also the tedium of being in one place all day, not getting dressed and leaving in the morning, going out for coffee or lunch, etc..  I can relate.  Most of us who spent years at home with kids can relate!

3.)  We have not managed to see all of the Oscar nominated films but I got Beasts of the Southern Wild from Netflix and I hope to watch on Saturday.  We thought we had managed to miss seeing Lincoln in the theater, but it is coming to the local "art house" in another week or so and we will go see it post Oscars.

We really enjoyed Argo but have misgivings about seeing Zero Dark Thirty due to the political/torture misrepresentations in the film. Of course, there were apparently some historical inaccuracies in Argo and in Lincoln, too...The trailer for Amour was so depressing there is no way I want to see that one.  I love Silver Linings Playbook but it doesn't strike me as a Best Picture kind of movie.  And Life of Pi was all about the special effects and will sweep those awards, I am sure, but not a serious contender for the big prize.  I have mentioned that I thought Les Mis was ok, but Anne Hathaway's moment was the best part of the movie and I hope she wins.

The red carpet starts at 2pm here in CA - I am looking forward to it.

4.)  A week or so ago Zac called because he realized he had been bitten by a tick - in fact he extracted it whole and still alive from his posterior!  He researched and found a lab to send it to for Lyme disease testing.  I encouraged him (by giving him my credit card) to send it in so we could know if the tick was infected.  Today he called and the tick was not infected so the inspections of the bite area can be suspended and we can all breath easily knowing this won't pop up as a problem down the road. At least I hope I can stop worrying about it...

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