Thursday, July 11, 2013


1.)  I have been on my new job for about 2.5 months now.  Still love it. But I am being challenged by my
attempts to get my health care coverage.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am starting to think Kaiser has a scheme in place to rid themselves of customers of a certain age. I keep hearing of people in their 60's who have had Kaiser coverage for years suddenly having their coverage dropped.  Since late April I have requested repeatedly (twice on the phone, twice via e-mail, once via letter) for the COBRA coverage paperwork and never never gotten it.  When I realized I was up to the last day before the deadline when they didn't have to cover me, I took time off work, went into the local office and sat there until they took my form, FAXed it and got the confirmation back.

I am assured we are covered, but I have not yet gotten a written confirmation - or the massive bill which I am required to pay immediately for coverage from April through August.

2.)  I am so disheartened by all the political news and the horrible way that the current administration seems to be handling things that I am already starting to think about the next election.  I hope Hillary runs.  She has more gumption, for lack of a better word, and more experience than our current President.

That was always my concern about Mr. Obama.  Not enough experience and political capital to push around,  and it shows.  He is backing down, backing off and ruining the chances for the one big thing he managed to get done - the health care initiatives -  to be successful.  What a waste.

The biggest problem is that the Republican party has dug in and nothing is going to get done until we rid ourselves of those self involved little tyrants.  We need our legislators to put the real needs of the country first, ahead of party antics.  What we are seeing in Washington, Texas and Ohio just make me ill.  They do not represent the needs, the desires or the will of the people they are supposed to represent and we all need to work hard to rid ourselves of those people.  They do not represent us, they make us look bad, they weaken us and are taking us to places we will spend generations trying to dig out from.

3.)  We have 2 cars which are over 17 years old.  While Tom swears he will keep his truck forever, his sedan is on it's last legs and we are discussing what kind of vehicle to replace it with - maybe late this year.  Part of me wants to go for a Volt or other electric vehicle, but I have had a large - mid sized SUV or station wagon for 25 years now and am worried about driving a little car.  Has anyone made this kind of move?  How is it working out?

4.)  Two weeks from now I am going on my first vacation in 6 years!!  Off to Coeur d'alene, Idaho to stay with my sister then to Boise for a family gathering.

What are your vacation plans?


Jenny Hart Boren said...

Leaving tomorrow for a visit with my daughter in Sacramento (two grandsons' birthdays); then the annual harmonic convergence of my old friends (aka the Jenny Creek Cafe) (but minus the one who is battling cancer, which puts a big cloud over our heads) and finally a couple of sibling days at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where my only play this year is Streetcar Named Desire.

Lots of excitement for this jobless hermit--it's pushing my relentless anxiety right to the edge, even though I truly WANT to enjoy all these events.

Boy howdy, do I hear you loud and clear on the insurance rodeo! My fingers are crossed I can stay well until January. So much deferred maintenance... Better yet--that I find a job with benefits!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We're headed to Montreal and Ottawa in two weeks!

I've never been to Idaho, but I've heard it's beautiful.

Walker said...

His truck??? Pah-lease.