Wednesday, November 13, 2013


These are the things I am wondering about this week:

1.)  How is it our country can come up with 20 million dollars at the drop of a hat to send to the victims of
typhoons and earthquakes and other natural disasters in foreign countries but we can't manage to fund food stamps for hungry Americans?

2.)  Have all those people who are complaining that their insurance rate hikes are due to "Obamacare" not noticed that their premiums have been going up every single year?

In fact, in 2011 the average rate increase was 8.8%, in 2012 it was 4.9% and in 2013 it was only 3.3%.  Many say the lower rate increase this past year was because Obamacare will actually create more competition and the insurance companies want to appeal those looking to sign on.

3.)  I heard Sarah Palin was coming back on the scene with a new book to sell - and today I found out it is about the "war" on Christmas.  Her complaint is not that Christmas is too commercial - she likes that part - but that businesses or people (like me) who say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas are infringing on the religious rights of Christians .  So, somehow recognizing and referring to the other religious holidays which occur in the same time period is ruining Christian's  enjoyment of Christmas?  Okaaay.

Since every person I have ever known who is an atheist or agnostic still celebrates Christmas, granted  in the very secular way that Christmas is mostly celebrated, completely undermines her complaint as far as I am concerned.

4.)  Why is it such a shock each year when it gets dark at 5:30?

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Nan said...

That nonsense with "don't say happy holidays!!" has reached the point where when someone is foolish enough to say it to my husband, the S.O. responds with "Fine, I hope your [obscenity deleted] holidays suck and you have a totally miserable time." Then when the person freaks out and does a "Don't be so rude!" he asks them just what they thought they were doing when they rejected his offer of good will?

That stupid fake war on Christmas is doing a really nice job of poisoning the holidays for everyone.