Monday, April 5, 2010


Ally and I are off on a road trip to visit colleges. we will be travelling for 5 days with plans to visit 4 campuses in Northern California and Oregon.
The last college trip I did was flying to the East coast with Maggie and then taking the train and cabs. This will be much more labor and stress intensive.
Not to mention that the weather is not cooperating and we are packing for rain but hoping the forecasts are wrong. On the plus side, Ally can help with the driving.
And wouldn't you know - I got a hot lead on a job and they want me to delay our departure for an interview...Back on Sunday!
Wish me luck!!


Walker said...

Good luck!!

mkosboth said...

Good luck on all fronts!

phd in yogurtry said...

Wishing you sunny weather and interview confidence!

Lisa said...

Oh my, you have tons going on! Keep up the good work on the weight loss. 40lbs is awesome!

I hope your trip goes well.