Friday, April 16, 2010


1.) Have you considered joining the movement to Move Your Money? I did it and so have members of Congress, celebrities, students - in fact the movement has caused 10% of American adults to move their money from major financial institutions into local banks and credit unions. The organization is now encouraging business owners to move their money, too. Use the power of your bank account - no matter how large or small to do what regulators (and self regulation) can't do!

2.) I am so Gleeful that Glee is back!

3.) Ally won Third Place in the Ohlone College High School Theatre Festival in the category of Contemporary Dramatic Ensemble. She and her partner did a scene from "The Bad Seed." They were up against 28 other teams.

4.) I am still buying lottery tickets. In fact I bought one in Oregon last week! I have won a grand total of $11.00 so far. More than I have made from employment - so I guess it is working!

5.) Maggie has turned in her thesis, only has a couple more weeks of classes and graduates next month. She is already employed (though it may only be a short term job.) Whoo hoo!!

6.) The incentive I gave myself to get to the gym everyday this week was a trip to the garden center. I came home with tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and some plants to fill out my pots. Guess I'll be in the garden this weekend!


smalltownmom said...

Your Friday sounds good. Enjoy your garden. I have three tomato plants, and they are blossoming!!! said...

It sounds like you have a lot to be happy about. Congrats on everything!