Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I found myself really bothered by seeing a young woman at the gym wearing a tee shirt reading "show your tits."  I mean, really? 

It just kept bugging me, so I decided that I needed to start looking for things to replace that image from my mind.  First thing was a little girl sitting on a bench outside the library, swinging her feet in sparkly pink shoes and reciting her own version of the alphabet, heavy on the x's.

Ahhhh, that did it!


hokgardner said...

And here's a mental picture for you. My toddler picked her own clothes this morning - pink leggings, pink tutu and striped shirt, paired with sparkly pink shoes and a flowered jacket. I'd send you a picture her in it all, but as soon as we got home from school drop off, she stripped down to just a diaper. Nevermind that it's 20 degrees out.

yogurt said...

I abhor and fear the way young women let themselves be defined by their sexy bits. I fear we've got a generation of young women who will have to learn the hard way.