Friday, February 11, 2011


1)  What is it about letting an insurance policy lapse which triggers a need for coverage within days?

2.)  Our false Spring weather has caused the daffodils to burst into bloom and the cherry trees are getting started, too.  The rain and 50 degree weather is back in a few days.   It's got to be confusing to be a plant with all this climate change going on..

3.)   I had been thinking how fun it would be to hold my turn for book club at the hotel.  We have a beautiful board room with a private bath and big comfy seats.  Then it came to me that I am now working on book club night.  Oh, no!  I'll have  to drop out of book club.

4.)  On the other hand, Tom and I are getting a very nice, romantic room for Valentine's night.

5.) I worked with Jerry Brown during his first term as Governor of California.  I was a college student and had the opportunity through my student government position at San Diego State University to serve on a committee with the Governor.  When I read this I was so glad to be reminded that he has not changed. in all these years:

Anyone who needed a reminder about how much has changed in terms of California's gubernatorial style with the election of Jerry Brown just needed to look at Southwest Airlines Flight 896 from Sacramento to Burbank on Thursday morning.

There, in the fourth row, was Brown, sitting amid the regular procession of business travelers.

Not only does Brown fly commercial, but he flies coach, and without an entourage. No staffers or security traveled with the governor, who made the trip south on the low-cost carrier to address the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce on Thursday night.

And that's the way all the politicians should be behaving.  They are elected to serve the people, not reign over us.

6.)  Have you seen Car Lashes

Have a great Valentine's Weekend - if you are into all that!


Nan said...

The car lashes tempt me.

yogurt said...

Car lashes... hilarious. Coming soon to a car lot near you? The car unibrow!

I think Jerry Brown and Howard Dean have a lot in common. Which is to say, common sense spending. He sure is a political survivor, isn't he?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is quite refreshing about Jerry Brown.

I am NOT a car lashes gal, for sure!

trash said...

Car lashes! I <3 them a LOT!