Monday, February 21, 2011


I had not really thought about what homebodies my husband and I have become until I started working in the hotel.  The front desk is just across the lobby from our small bar which is open from 3 until 11 pm.  Each night there are couples and friends and solo regulars who come in for a while.

Some nights the noise from the happy people is quite loud - many people talk much more loudly when they have had a few!  Most of the people stop in on their way to and from dinner in the many restaurants we have on our main street.  We do not have entertainment, so it is a quiet place for older folks (the over 30 crowd) to drop in and actually have a conversation.  Our main bartender is congenial and has customers who come in just to spend time chatting with her.

Sometimes the conversations I overhear are inane, sometimes I wish I was in the middle of the laughter.  But being here makes me feel both a part of it and not.  Of course now I am working 5 nights a week, including the weekends - so I am not available to go out when most people do.  When that changes, I hope I will remember this feeling of wanting to be out more and do it.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I sometimes think it would be cool to go have a drink in a bar, but on the few occasions I do I realize I would even be happier drinking at home with friends (and it would be waaaay cheaper).