Friday, April 8, 2011


1.)   We have been busy marketing our staging business and it seems to be bringing in some inquiries and new business!  Two big new jobs lined up.

2.)  I was getting a head of steam up about the Republicans  being willing to shut down the entire federal government if they couldn't shut down Planned Parenthood - sending poor and uninsured women into the world with fewer options for birth control, health care and potentially increasing the need for abortions by 2/3rds!!

Then I read that this is actually a very cynical set-up "Washington Style" allowing everyone to posture and point fingers and "look good" to their electorate when it is settled.  The Republicans actually just want more cuts and they know the Democrats will never, ever give up PP so they are using  that as their game piece.  When they withdraw it, the Dem's look good for "protecting" it and the Republicans get more cuts in return.  I am sure the new cuts will be equally abhorrent to taking funding away from women's health.  They always seem to be.

3.)  We had an actual recognisable (by me) celebrity staying in the hotel last night.  Ally about died when I told her who it was.  I am hoping the promised signed photo actually comes for her.

4.)  Everyone out there hold a good thought for my son Zac tomorrow.  He is doing his college Capstone project which involves teaching 25 or so high school kids how to build  rope bridges as they did in ancient cultures.  It is a math thing - so I certainly don't understand it.  He is supposed to have it all filmed and made into a mini-documentary.  When that happens, I will post it.  Meantime - he needs lots of good vibrations...


smalltownmom said...

OK, good vibrations on their way.

yogurt said...

He'll get a lot of good vibrations when he walks across that rope bridge! Best wishes to him. Sounds like a cool project.

And thanks for the indepth analysis of the planned parenthood fiasco. Hadn't thought about it this way. Politicians are a greasy, sleezy bunch.

Nan said...

You know how much politics have changed in our lifetime? The Rude Pundit has a post up for April 11 mentioning that the first woman to serve as chair of the Republican National Committee was pro-choice and pro-Equal Rights Amendment. She was also active in Planned Parenthood in Iowa.

As for the theater of the absurb in Washington, politicians have always engaged in kabuki -- although, as I heard it described not long ago, today it's more like pro wrestling.