Sunday, April 24, 2011


Not the actual hotel where I am employed!
Wow.  That was a busy few weeks for me.  As I had hoped, working the 3-11 hours does allow me to work with my sister on the home staging business.  It does make for some long days, though. 

Things at the hotel have been busier.  We had a group buy out the entire hotel for a few days.  They had some cocktail parties in the lobby bar and I had to play bouncer a time or two when people wandered into the hotel despite the big signs on the door saying it was closed for a private party.  One guy was an ass about it - surprisingly he is a local realtor who I recognized from his picture in all his would  think having that kind of exposure would make you behave better in public!

Then there was the woman who took one of our Easter decorations up to her room with her.  We though she might just leave it there (she was intoxicated when she came in) but she packed it up and took it with her!  She may notice the extra charge added to her room bill...

The lobby bar seems to be a popular spot for meet ups which could me nothing else but arrangements.  The sad thing is how frequently they come in and then want to try to serve themselves from the sideboard we keep with coffee, tea and snacks for our hotel guests.  When told they will be charged for it - they usually just ask for water or have nothing.  How sad that you would arrange to meet someone but we unwilling to buy a drink to  sit over.  (We have decided that there must be some post out there that incorrectly says we offer free beverages in our lobby and these folks come in expecting it.) 

Then there is the regular who occasionally comes in with a much younger woman who spends the night with him.  She is notorious with the staff for her sticky fingers.  She has taken so much stuff (some of which has been charged to his bill) including coming into the continental breakfast repeatedly and emptying the pastries, fruit and even smoked salmon plates.  The manager finally told her that she had to stop or she would have to talk to her gentleman friend about banning her from the hotel.

The most fun for me are the wedding couples arriving in all their finery to check into their honeymoon room.  All but one couple have been amazingly young.  Sometimes they come in and change into street clothes and head out again, more frequently they arrive hungry and we order pizza for them!  All that planning for the perfect wedding meal but no time to eat it! 

No stories tonight, though.  A quiet Easter evening - and then a couple of days off. 

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You make it sound entertaining. I can imagine that figuring out their stories would be fun!