Friday, July 8, 2011


 1.)  The last 3 watermelons I purchased have been pretty good - one of them was actually excellent.  Over the years I have developed a method for picking watermelons which serves me pretty well - until it doesn't and I am stuck with 10 pounds of yuck.  I was told by someone years ago to look for very dark lines and bubbles in any "stretch marks" or abrasions on the skin of the melon - it is supposed to be an indication of a higher sugar content.
My camera isn't good for close-ups - but you can kind of see the dark bubbles...

How do you pick your watermelon?

2.)  I have been searching out new recipes for my semi-veggie new dietary approach.  A couple of them require pumpkin.  Tried to buy pumpkin in the summer?  Even TJ's considers it seasonal!  I finally found some in a locally owned store and commended them for carrying it.  I also sent an e-mail to Raley's and Safeway to complain.  The checkers said they know people look for it all the time, yet the corporate guys seem to think they know better! 

3.)  Even though the California state budget has been in tatters for years the legislature allowed the additional 1% sales tax we have been paying (making the sales tax 9.75% where I live)  to lapse.  The old chestnut is that people will buy more if the sales tax is lower.  Ridiculous.  We are all accustomed to paying it and I don't know anyone who doesn't buy something because they don't want to pay an additional 1% (except for a car.)

I can't wait until we all wake up and realize that those little percentages equal road and bridge repairs, breakfast for hungry kids, medical care, police and fire departments, teachers, grants for low income college students, state parks and so much more.  What is worse is that polls showed residents of CA were fine with continuing the tax but the legislature let it go anyway...

4.)  So far the critters who ate all my tomatoes right off the vines the last couple of summers have not found the 2 pots of them I have planted up on my deck!  I might have home grown tomatoes to eat this year - if I didn't jinx myself by mentioning this.

5.) My "weekend" isn't until Monday - but you all enjoy the next couple of lovely summer days off!


yogurt said...

Someone who used to grow watermelons for a living told my husband how to pick a good one and I think it goes like this - a watermelon where the stripes are not distinct with dark edges. Pick one where the lines are blurry.

You got me curious so I went to youtube - none of the experts mentioned stripes, only one mentioned color but it was general (deep color rather than dull). They ALL mentioned the thump. Hollow, echo sound to the thump. Dull thud means over ripe. They also said to pick one with a yellow resting spot, not white. They also said the hotter the weather the sweeter the melon.

Ok, so as for your advice, do you mean by "stretch marks" the stripes I am referring to? And by bubbles you mean visual bubbles or textured bubbles? I am assuming you mean bubbles in the color variation.

As for CA and sales tax - your lege sounds like boneheads just like our national "leaders." When you're in a deep hole, you raise revenue to get out of the hole THEN alleviate the taxes. I've heard SO many people say they vote R because they are more fiscally sound. WTH? Not what I've seen in the past 20 years. D's are the ones who balanced the budget under Clinton.

smalltownmom said...

All I knew about watermelons was the "thump" so this is good info!

Nan said...

I look for the yellow. If the bottom of the melon is still white it's probably not quite ripe.

yogurt said...

Thank you, Mrs. Brightside. I have now seen the light, I mean, the bubble.