Friday, July 29, 2011


1.)  As our country heads closer and closer to financial disaster, more facts  and economic realities which the Republican party will ignore are being reported.

Northern Trust's Paul Kasriel:

"I keep hearing that what is holding U.S. businesses back from expanding and hiring is "uncertainty." Exactly what new types of uncertainty businesses face in the current environment vs. past environments is rarely spelled out. But if, in fact, businesses are paralyzed due to uncertainty, I would not expect them to be stepping up their purchases of capital equipment. After all, capital equipment has a relatively long life. If businesses were unusually uncertain about the long-term outlook, they would be more reluctant to make longer-term commitments, which the purchase of capital equipment is. Rather, if businesses were unusually uncertain about the future, they might be more inclined to hire workers, who, after all, can be dismissed on short notice if conditions were to change suddenly.

But just the opposite seems to be happening. Business hiring remains weak and business capital spending is robust.... I would think that if abnormally-high business uncertainty prevailed today, there would have been considerably slower growth in price-adjusted purchases of nondefense capital goods than what has occurred."
But like science - the Republican point of view does not accept proven economic facts. And the Democrats are too worried about their jobs to actually fight for them either.
2.)  I have mentioned that my sister and I staged a cute little house in Oakland in May,  The man who hired us had 2 interested parties in the first week!    After months of trying, no one interested in buying the house ($205,000.) has been able to get a loan.
Isn't it fabulous that we bailed out the banks and kept them in business?
3.)  We managed to get a date for Ally to have her tonsils out - a cancellation opened right at the deadline for her to heal before she leaves for school.  Meant to be?
4.  I may soon have an opportunity to move to working my 3-11 shift Monday through Friday.  I have been feeling sorry for myself becaue I am missing so many cool events this summer with my weekends spent at work - so that was good news.
5.)  Ally and her boyfriend have been dating for a year.  They just purchased "promise rings" for each other.   This is not a practice I am especially in favor of as they are so young, she is leaving for school and it just seems odd to be "pre-engaged" at this time.  Her ring is very dainty and pretty, but worn on the left ring finger. 
Any opinions?

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smalltownmom said...

I am just sick of the current political climate.

Good luck to Ally with the tonsillectomy. The promise rings seem premature but who knows. I am still married to my high school sweetheart. But we stayed in the same area and continued the relationship. If it had been long distance, who knows?