Thursday, August 4, 2011


1.)  Had a review and got a nice raise at the hotel.  Very helpful at this time -well, any  time. That plus switching to Monday through Friday is going to be very nice. 

2.)  Got our check-in time for Ally's tonsillectomy - I'll manage about 4 hours of sleep before we have to leave to drive there, but I will have 6-8 hours to chill until we head home.  Hopefully I can find a spot to snooze a bit. (I promised her I would not leave the hospital.)

UPDATE:  Everything went well - Ally is recovering at home with Mango Sorbet, Jello and Vitamin Water.
3.)  I have been reading about the big stock market fall trying to understand why it happened after the agreement on the debt ceiling and assorted fiascoes.  One pundit said it had to do with investors suddenly looking at the problems in foreign markets, most said we were just due.  I have to admit that as someone who has no money to invest and no 401k taking a beating, I feel lucky to be broke!  I also read that interest rates will fall because of this - which is good for people in debt, who want to borrow money or get a better mortgage.  So, good news for a change!

4.)  Jen wrote a fun post about mascara yesterday, discussing products and technique.  Like her I don't leave the house without mascara.  But the extent of my completely made-up face includes not much else - eyebrow pencil, blush and sometimes some eye shadow.  Most of the eye shadows are from giveaways.

I just read  a British study claiming 57% of women would rather "leave their man" than give up make-up!  That's hard core make-up love (or is it insecurity?)  The study claims that the average woman has over $800.00 worth of make-up at home and another $100.00  in her purse.  I have a couple of Burt's Bees lip glosses in my purse... 

5.)  I am enjoying this summer with my TIVO.  I have So You Think You Can Dance winding down, but Project Runway just getting started.  Breaking Bad is back and so are Weeds and The Big C.  Just enough shows to watch here and there.

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