Friday, August 19, 2011


1.)  I just realized I passed my 400th post this week.  Wow.  I'd say I never knew I had so much to say but that would be a lie!

2.)  Ally's recovery from the tonsillectomy was as dramatic as I expected.  She was on the verge of dehydration for several days, had trouble with the pain medication and was miserable as hell.  She perked up a day before the move to school.  This made packing a nightmare, but so far it appears we got the stuff she needed moved into the dorm.  Her roommate seems to be a very low keyed, vegan,  fellow drama major.  Here's hoping for a good match.

3.)  I closed the doors to Ally's room and bathroom so I don't have to see the mess.  It will have to be tackled.  We have always teased her about being one step away from a hoarder - and now I get to deal with the stuff left behind...  We don't have any immediate plans for taking over her room for another purpose, but I think I may take over her bathroom so I can get ready for bed after work with a light on and without worrying that I might wake Tom. 

4.)  We had hoped that we would be moving from this little rental in the Fall, but the economic downturn has so hurt Tom's practice that we are signing another year lease.  I know this is very discouraging for him - the corporations know they have the upper hand with the government agency staff reductions and the long waits for court dates.  They have the money to drag things out and don't enter settlement discussions like they used to because they figure most employees (and their legal counsel) will run out of money or patience and give up.  Tom has clients he is still working for 2 and 3 years since they last paid him anything.

It is really sad that good people are getting screwed by both the former employer and the system.  The corporations are getting tax cuts and the subsequent staffing reductions usually effect the everyday citizens who need the protection of the government agencies.

5.)  If you enjoyed Laura Hillenbrand's book "Seabiscuit" - you will once again find the writing of her new book "Unbroken" as fantastic.  I am riveted just 70 pages in!  I won't have any trouble finishing this one in the 2 weeks allotted by the library.

6.)  This is my last weekend on the job.  As of next week I am a Monday-Friday worker once again.  So enjoy the weekend and I'll join you next week!


writingtowellness said...

"Unbroken" was a great but tough to read book. All I'll say...

Sounds like you have a lot to donate to Good Will from her room ;-)

Congratulations on the M-F job. Another great step for enjoying your empty-ish nest.


Mrs. G. said...

Loved Sea Biscuit and Unbroken...good work, woman.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I loved Unbroken--I would read a book by her if it was about unclogging a toilet--somehow she would make it riveting.

I LOVE to purge a room--I'd do it just for fun.

Yay for a better schedule!