Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Went over to visit Schadenfruede Warehouse after noticing a number of  interesting comments she made on Derfwad Manor  (which really illustrates my need to make a resolution to wait until after I go to the gym to go online - it is now 11 a.m. and I put my gym clothes on at about 7:30...)

Anyhoo, Eunice over there posted this:

The question -  is this is fashion?  And, really, this is supposed to be cool?  My fashonista daughter might sleep in it, but wear it out?  I don't think so.  I went to the Target site and found the top and pants - they total up to $39.00.  Those boots don't appear to be sold at Target unless they are men's work boots. So it is, at least, an affordable "look."

Unlike this found in Teen Magazine:

This outfit runs about $4000.00, including the shoes, bag and $108.00 gloves!  I don't run with the crowd that can buy this back to school outfit.

I used to buy the fashion magazines and try to punch up my wardrobe with new things, so just for fun I  checked out what are meant to be the Fall trends - few of them will work for me.  The colors are mustard, rust and jade. The shapes include chunky sweaters with gauzy or long skirts and peplums on jackets.  The prints are camouflage, polka dots and big plaids.  Bright colored pants, choker necklaces and  "slit up to there" skirts for evening.  
Ally took my plaid scarf to college, but I do have a couple of polka dot blouses.  My body temperature never recovered from menopause - so no sweaters for me and my neck is too chubby for chokers.   Well, maybe the Spring fashion will be more my thing.

Following the trends?


knittergran said...

Well, if the trends include jeans and t-shirts, or yoga pants and t-shirts, or a longish skirts and t-shirts, why then, yes I do!

smalltownmom said...

Trends? Not for me. I like those fall colors you mentioned, though.

writingtowellness said...

It's lovely being of "a certain age" when fashion is whatever you want to make. I browse magazines while waiting to get my hair cut and groan at the trendy prices. I would make louder noises over some of the looks, but I do have a wee sense of manners.