Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In between cleaning out her bedroom and bathroom - monumental tasks each, I have been texting and talking with Ally from her new digs at school.  She has had some difficulties, lonely hours and now that classes started, hopefully some calming routines will settle in.

I have been enjoying the clean.  When I leave for work with a neat kitchen, I come home to a neat kitchen.  Which is not to say that my husband has suddenly started doing dishes - lol - but his plate or bowl left on the counter is nothing in comparison with the scattered cups, spoons, unwashed cutting board and other detritus Ally left in her wake.

I have not done laundry yet because I don't have enough to make a load - never a problem with a teen aged girl around.

The cash in my wallet stays in my wallet!

The thing that doesn't change?  That mom radar.  There is a part of my brain that is constantly sending out waves in search of my kids.  I have this undercurrent of awareness of where they are and what they might be doing at all times.  It is hard to express but I suspect most moms can relate.  No matter how far from home they are, there is a part of me seeking them out.


knittergran said...

That radar? It never goes away.

Nan said...

The radar does weaken a little, though. And then grandkids come along, and you get to worry about them instead.

writingtowellness said...

I don't have kids, but my 84-year old father of 4 says the empty nest syndrome is a myth because he still worries about his oh-so-grown-up chicks. And my Mom (before she died last year) had "radar" with us right up until she died - calling just at the right times when we needed her. An amazing ability - so act on yours when it goes off!
(Forgive me if I have written this before on your blog. I have several blogging friends with empty nests this fall.)

smalltownmom said...

It would be worse if we didn't care.