Friday, July 15, 2011


1.)  Between the time Ally was accepted to SFSU and the time we pay her first tuition payment next month, the tuition has gone up 22%.

2.)  Zac will be coming home this weekend to attend a wedding - the first of their high school crowd to tie the knot.  His old friend will be staying at the hotel for their honeymoon night, so I will get to see the newlyweds when they check-in.

3.)  Ally and her friends have had their tickets for the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie for weeks.  Did that stop them from going to the theater and waiting in line for 15 hours?  No it did not. 

4.)  When we got our health insurance back, I changed doctors.  The new doc asked me to do some blood work which I was putting off until this week.  I was worried that it might be bad, so imagine my surprise to see that all the results were really positive.  Next up -  a mammogram.

5.)  I know I say this every season it is on, but if you are not watching "So You Think You Can Dance" you are really missing out on a great show.  I have it on TIVO since it airs when I work - and it is even better when you can skip through the commercials!

6.) I was at the checkout in the grocery store and saw this:

Note Christina Hendricks on the top right photo.

Now this is the photo I had seen elsewhere obviously taken the same day:

Pretty obvious that  photoshopping has been done to make her look much bigger.  It sure makes the point that you can't believe anything you see anymore.  If they can subtract - then they can add.  Whatever it takes to make their point.

Enjoy the weekend and hope the photographers are kind!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I hate it that magazines feel like they need to photoshop every. single. photo. Maddening.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a nightmare to have someone hounding you hoping for a bad pic.

That tuition thing is crazy for sure. But no new taxes! Right?!

yogurt said...

I've never met a photograph of me I would call kind. Guess we all feel that way.

As for the tuition hike, I am furious about this trend. I presume the wealthy don't mind at all - more seats available at the academic table for not-so-smart Muffy and Biff rather than a potentially more deserving kid from a lower SES.