Friday, February 24, 2012


  1.)  Still no resolution to the car accident in mid-December.  AAA insurance is certainly a sorry-ass company.  I submitted a bunch of evidence and photos and the agent said he would guarantee I would be at less than 50% fault.  Then nothing.  I think he must have gotten in trouble from the higher ups because weeks later I am talking with some creep who says if both cars are moving it is 50/50 fault - no matter what the actual facts of the situation are.  Period.

So now we have to go into arbitration.  I am determined not to cave in just to get my car fixed.

2.) Does anyone else say that they are going to see all the Oscar movies before the show and then year after year manage to see few, if any, of them? I saw The Help. That's it.

3. )  My memory lapses are causing me some consternation this week.  I have been changing e-mail addresses (forgetting passwords), doing the taxes (forgetting how to download the previous year's information into Turbo Tax), trying to use work time for productive things (passwords again), transferring a credit card balance (I tore the place apart trying to remember where I hid the credit cards I don't use.)

I am going to start putting everything into a little notebook so I can find what I need when I need it.  If we are burgled, so be it!

4.) Love having my days to do things.  Hate that there are now so many solicitors calling all day.  One woke me up this morning - 8am!  (I know that sounds late, but I don't tend to get to sleep until 1 or so.)

5.)  Just finished another good book - The Night Circus - for those who enjoy the magic and mystical in their reading.   


smalltownme said...

I loved The Night Circus.

I can't even count the number of phone solicitations I've had for cleaning my heat-a/c ducts. They are driving me crazy and are a big rip off because they end up selling you more services and stuff and the $39 bargain they quote you becomes 10 times higher.

Nan said...

After Googling the list of nominees, I realized that not only have I not seen any of them, I hadn't even heard of most of them until I read the list.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I had such a frustrating experience when a motorcycle and I had a collision--the sheriff's accident report made it 100% his fault, but the insurance split it 50/50 so neither one of us would have our rates raised.

I've heard those steam cleaners are great. Must try.