Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 I deactivated my Facebook account.  Not because I spent so much time on it - I barely used it at all.  When I signed up it was so I could see what the kids were up to and I have enjoyed that part.

When I signed up I used my maiden name as well as my married name in case I was being searched out by old friends.  I never did hear from anyone I wasn't in some sort of contact with already.   I occasionally put things up about family and political stuff, but when I looked at it yesterday it was full of ads and stuff from sites I had "liked" for some reason or the other (discounts mostly) and it just bothered me.

The final issue was that I couldn't seem to edit things off the page.  Because I sometimes blog about work, I didn't want my employers name available to match up, just in case someone at work found my blog.  I could not get it to delete anything that was already there.  I could change the status of my employment or stop some people from seeing some stuff, but that isn't what I wanted.  I should be able to control the "about me" info, and couldn't.  Okay, maybe there is a way, but I am not asking for help.  If they make it so difficult to manage my own information, I don't want to participate.

Also, if I don't want unflattering photos of myself on my page, I should be able to delete them - so, okay, vanity played a part, too!

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