Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have gotten into such a rut these past months.  I rose up for the holidays and dug in deeper afterwards. Sporadic visits to the gym, going to work, lots of tv watching and internet surfing and, of course, overeating has gotten done.  I made the mistake of joining Pinterest.  That didn't help.

A few things have poked me out of my stupor.  On Saturday we bought a new mattress. So I spent all day washing all the linens and blankets  from 2 beds (we  had them carry off the even older mattress in our daughter's room.)  I vacuumed under the beds and cleaned the frames and re-made the beds.  More activity that I have had in months. 

Then Tom decided we should switch from Comcast to ATT for our phone/internet/cable.  I have been frustrated by the internet connection ever since we downgraded to save money (hey, Pinterest needs some speed to load all those pictures!)  He has been frustrated by the more limited channels and the cost. So now the tvs in 4 (!)  rooms will all be disconnected and reconnected and installers will be all over the house.  So I cleaned more stuff.

The biggest issue isn't the dust bunnies, but after 11 years of the same e-mail address for pretty much every non-blogging thing I do, I have to  give it up. kept wanting to drop it around the time I dropped the matching vanity plates from my car - momrocs. I felt like it was time to move on from the "mom" thing. It was all too daunting to consider but now I have to do it. All the family, bill pay, health care, taxes, Quicken, colleges, shopping sites, facebook, banking, and who can remember what else is linked to my Comcast address.

I do have a new thing that I love.  I bought myself one of those steam cleaners for hard surfaces.  I bought one from Oreck.  LOVE. IT.  After mops and pails/sinks full of water it is so quick and easy.  I use it almost every day.

So, ruts? Things making you happy?


smalltownme said...

I'm always in a big rut, but I did well yesterday, potting some new plants in hanging baskets for my front porch. Today I have to fill out my tax planner and organize all the stuff for my wonderful accountant.

hokgardner said...

My problem is that I can't get into a rut. I thrive on schedule and routine, and we haven't found one yet since moving.

I have a steam mop and lurve it, especially now that we live in a house with almost all tile floors.