Friday, September 14, 2012


I know I just posted about lying.  This just  seems to be a themed week.

I was explaining to Tom about a small claims court case I had prepared for my boss to argue. It was clear and factual and supported by a ream of documents that they had the work done, they knew they owed the money, that they had been notified for nearly 2 years of the bill and mounting finance charges.  One of the plaintiffs arrived in court with her toddler in tow, lied to the mediator and then to the judge and the judge ignored the documents and shafted our business out of about $2000.00.

Tom said 2 things 1. Going to court is always a crap shoot. 2. Everyone lies.

He said he thinks it has to do with politicians.  The bold face lie has proven to be a winning strategy.  I would add all those uber wealthy bankers and investment brokers - not much truth telling going on there.  Pharmaceutical companies care about sick people. That's a good one.  Oh, how about "Your call is important to us" which is why we don't hire more than a couple of people for our Customer Service 800 line.

What is your favorite lie?


knittergran said...

How about, "We know that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."
How many lives did that cost in both the US and in Iraq?

knittergran said...

Oh, and re: your husband's comment. My husband once, while stopped at a stop light, heard someone knock on his car window. He lowered the window, and the man punched him in the nose and said that my husband had cut him off somewhere back on the road. My husband drove to the nearest police station and called the company atty, since he was on business. The attorney told him how to deal with it on the spot, and said, "The last place an innocent man needs to be is in a court of law."

Tricia said...

You are so right. The big lies and the big liars are the ones do the most damage. Yet today we see the little lies being the ones punished. This is because it is is way easier to punish someone you can catch and someone that can't fight back. The big lies get away with it because they can, because there are no ramifications to their actions.